Friday, August 24, 2012

Tha Artwork Decision

I forget where I learned this, but I was introduced to the concept of decorating a room in "layers." Here's how they break down for me:

The first layer is the floor plan--and the furniture arranged according to it. The basics.

The second layer is the soft furnishings: the rug(s) and draperies.

The third is the decorative accents: artwork, pillows, and totkches.

It's an artificial and arbitrary division, of course. Along the way we have to decide on a colour scheme, how dark or light the room should be, the amount of contrast in the finishings. The latter has been the biggest challenge for me--she likes rooms that are light--but when it comes to individual objects, she likes them dark.

To help us out, we decided to find a piece of artwork to guide our decisions about everything involving colour, contrast and style. I would copy the piece if it was something I could do.

In all our wanderings, it came down to two choices. I photoshopped them into the best shot I had of the room with the sofa uncovered.

Halyard, from Ikea:

The Tulips from Home Outfitters:

We went back to visit the Tulips and she fell in love all over again, so with a 20% off coupon in hand, she purchased it.

I hung it yesterday.

Just for fun, I played around with the Ikea picture (which was only 5" larger in each direction and twice the price). I think I have the scale right:

I am so glad we went with the tulips!

While I hung the picture, Mom worked in the adjoining study, weeding out the bookcase.

Bookshelves, after:


We're working on a dressing area she has upstairs as well as one of the bedrooms. We also have to clear some room in the basement, too. Unfortunately, it isn't a "pretty" project, but it needs to be done.

Another project I hope to be able to show you soon is this hallway. It does not have a light. I forget why, but it was another screw up in the renovations she had done about ten years ago. I am hoping to put her collection of mirrors on the right hand wall to help bounce some light around.

That's what the carpet in the living room looked like before we pulled it up. It was in much worse shape.

It needs sanding and paint, though, first!


Anne At Large said...

I'm so glad you got the tulips, they're a great color in that room. Would you ever consider moving the light to the right side to balance things out?

scb said...

This is looking great! The Tulips is just right. What an immense difference this is all making to her home, and WOW, the bookcase!

onshore said...

Tulips look great in that room!
Wow, where did all the books go!?

Colleen said...

yeah I really like the tulips. especially for the pop of red which I think will help brighten things up if you continue it in other places in the room. Have you considered a fitted stretchy slipcover on the wing-chair?

Colleen said...

another question- I was looking at pics from earlier posts and focused for the first time on the fireplace/heater thing. Is that something that can be painted? I was thinking if it was white/off white it would fit with the inspiration images you had posted earlier...

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