Thursday, July 26, 2012

Challenge: CD's and DVD's

CDs and DVDs

I have been doing these challenges from Home Storage Solutions, off and on, for a while now.

This was the easiest yet!

Step 1: Gather All Your CDs and DVDs Together From Around Your Home, Car, Etc.

 I didn't bother.

This is here we keep most of them:

A few months ago I'd changed out all these depressing dark brown boxes for the green ones above on the shelf, but they didn't work out. Though they looked great, the boxes were smaller and the lids got in the way.
I also keep a few above the computer.

My kids keep their cds in their own rooms. I just asked them to go through what they had and get rid of anything they didn't want.

Additionally, my son keeps his games in his brand new basement "game room."

Remember when I cleaned out the basement as part of Org Junkie's 29 Day Organizing Challenge back in February? This is how things looked when I finished:

 I was going to use it as a sort of craft room.

This is how it looks today:

Courtesy of a free TV left in someone's driveway, a new $4 dvd player from a neighbourhood garage sale, a couple of chairs from Grandy, and my son's X-box, we now have a boy cave.

Step 2: Declutter Your Music And Video Collections

I asked each child to sort through want they wanted to keep and what they wanted to let go.

Then I went through our stuff.

This was it:

Bonus: I discovered an Easter Egg not found during the Great Hunt.

I listed CSI Miami, season 5 for sale. Hopefully that will sell soon!

Step 3: Organize CDs

I chose to do ours alphabetically.


Step 4: Organizing DVDs

These I did categorically:

Lost and Lord of the Rings
Work Outs and Westerns
CSI Las Vegas, Seasons 1-6,
CSI Las Vegas Seasons 7 --etc.
CSI New York
My daughter's
and Miscellaneous (a Christmas thing, Love Actually, and Sherlock Holmes, the series with Ronald Howard as Holmes)

Step 5: Organize CDs and DVDs For Your Computer

When I did this, I found a few CD's I'd made for the kids from on-line recordings of favourite stories. Story Nory is an excellent source, as is The University of South Florida's Lit 2 Go program. I passed them on to my nephew.

I also found a few cd's for stuff related to the computer which died in January. I've been thinking I'd sell the parts that still worked (like the dvd player, for example).

Everything fits into one box, anyway. I keep it in one of the Expedit cubbies.

Step 6: Consider These CD And DVD Storage Solutions.

I like our boxes!

Step 7: Gather Together Family Videos And DVD Keepsakes.

I don't have a lot of these--perhaps I should have more? I tend to keep everything on a hard drive. Nonetheless, for the first time, I did put together what we had: mostly disks given to us showcasing the kids' pre school, school and Church activities.

And so, there we have it. A lovely, quick little bit of organizing--just to stay on top of things!

I did this little project before we left for vacation.

Linking to Jules' William Morris Project at Pancakes and French Fries.


Alice Almighty said...

How do they spread out like that? I have little pockets of media all over....This is a great inspiration to do something about it!

May said...

I need to reign in our media supplies too. Our problem is that we get so sentimental about the movies and music the kids loved at different stages of their childhood. So our weeding out stage barely makes a dent!

onshore said...

This I need to do too. Our collection is just quite big and I'm a bit overwhelmed by it (not to even mention my boyfriend who cannot even consider getting rid of some)

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