Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tales From the Dungeon

Once upon a time, there were exciting projects to be accomplished: curtains to sew and trim, bedroom walls to be painted and loveseats to be covered. But a wicked witch put a stalling spell on all the fun projects: decisions could not be made on curtain trim, vision blurred and skipped in front of multiple colour swatches on the walls, and cording for the slip cover vanished from the kingdom. Utterly. There was nothing to do. So, the princess was at a loss, until, that is, she remembered the dungeon.

This is her story.

Here's what faced me yesterday:

Of course, there are no servants in this Kingdom of Equality. We all have to do everything ourselves. They tell me it was different in the old days! But, I can proudly say, I made the magic happen all by myself:

The main task was to clean up the area by the washer and drier:

Most of that is the slipcover for the royal couch. It came in two parts--one for the bottom cushions and one for everything else. The piece for the couch cushion had stained--and it hadn't come out in the first wash. So, I took the time and babied it while I cleaned up--and voila--success! Now, I'm re-washing the large bit --taking off the dust and hopefully smoothing out the wrinkles!

Here is the area now:

To the left of it is a small dresser and a huge stack of blankets and pillows, all wrapped in plastic bags.

It's hardly ideal.

Notice how the after has more stuff than the before? Most of the mess was simply our winter blankets and such which needed a wash--and then to be put away. (yes, here. That's "put away.")

However, I also wanted to clear out the donation station.

It doesn't look like much is gone, does it? Believe me, though, there's lots gone--and the best of it went to help a smaller kingdom to the North of us in desperate need. I've never felt so happy clearing it out. I just wish we had more for them.

I puttered about and put away a lot of Christmas stuff. Yes, you heard me. Christmas stuff: table cloths and oven mitts. And Christmas lights.

Yep, I found the Christmas lights and extension cords, bundled them up (what, don't you use purple ribbon?)

and put them in a new home:

My son worked for his father for about three months to earn half the money he needed to purchase this. I was glad I could re-use the box, rather than recycle it! Silly, I know.

Then, I swept,
and I swept,
and swept some more.

(I think it was Don Aslett who said that you can sweep concrete forever and still find something to sweep up.)

Didn't spin any of it into gold, though, unfortunately.

But, do you suppose I can reward my efforts with a new broom, anyway?

I could give this one to that witch!

The End.


scb said...

And the Queen rested from her labours, for lo, she had accomplished great things, and those from neighbouring kingdoms were mightily impressed with her willingness to enter the dungeon, face the dragons and emerge unscathed.

onshore said...

heh scb, great comment. and I concur, amazing work Alana! I think you truly deserve a new broom.

But I doubt it would have been so great in the olden days either. You would have probably been the maid and had to work in 16 hour shifts. Not to say you would not deserve to be a princess but statisticly speaking :)

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