Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Big Bed

My husband fell out of bed this morning.

He wakened me with a heavy thump as his feet hit the floor a few inches further down than he'd expected.

I laughed.

We got a new bed --not the box spring and mattress, we still have our set-- but a REAL bed, a Big Person's Bed, a Grown Up Bed with a headboard, a foot board, side rails and everything. I've never had one before. (Except for that bunk bed in the furnished apartment we had in Yellowknife when I was 10 or so).

Sorry for the wonky colour in these photos. It's an overcast day, today.

Ta Da!

It's the Lillesand Bed from IKEA. We went Friday night to check out the new Svelvik to see if it would do.
Our mattress and box spring combination is about 16" tall, so it will dwarf most bed frames. Unfortunately, the Svelvik was no different.

Much to my surprise, IKEA was having a sale on bed frames! 15% off. And the Lillesand on display had a mattress 16" deep, so it was easy to figure out whether it would work. Hard to get in and out of, however.

If you look by the window, you can see the different paint samples I'm trying out. None are contenders so far.

But that didn't worry me. The only thing which concerned me was whether I'd fall through the bars while trying to read in bed. I figured a pair of Euro pillows would solve that problem.

So, after we got the bed assembled last night I ran out to Home Sense and picked up the two Euro pillows and the two shams (Ralph Lauren, on sale, $19.00 each).

I asked my husband, "Do you like the shams? Are they OK? Not too girly?"

and he said, "What's a sham?"

I think they are perfect.

I'm looking forward to purchasing different solid coloured pillowcases for the front pillows to change up the look.

So, I guess I won't be making that headboard after all. I couldn't be happier, really.

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scb said...

Woohoo!!!! A headboard and footboard really makes a bed look "finished" doesn't it? That's sooooo great! (But your husband had better practice getting out of bed more gently...)

onshore said...

I neither knew what sham was, but my dictionary told me.

The bed looks nice and finished now, earlier it was just a bed. That quilt is still looking lovely.

Colleen said...

I love a headboard and footboard! My antique mahogany bed from Barbados has 21 inches of storage underneath (designed to allow the trade winds to flow underneath in the days before AC). When I put my mattress and box spring on top, I needed a stepstool to get into bed! I got rid of the box spring and my matress was only 9" deep, so I was sleeping 30" off the floor. I miss that bed (currently in storage)...

JR said...

You're the first person I've found on the internet who bought the lillesand bed + has a mattress + boxspring. Do you still like the bed? What's the overall height from floor to the top of your amttress? I am thinking about getting one and 1. am not sure if I can use my current mattress + boxspring and 2. not sure if I should buy the slats.

Thanks in advance for the post + the advice!

Alana in Canada said...

Hi JR.
You need the slats, unfortunately. It has the support you need for the box spring and mattress. We had a long talk ith the folks in the yellow shirts and it is just the way the bed is designed.

That put the bed quite high for us: I sort of have to hop a bit to get into bed.

I just measured: Height from the floor to the top of the mattress is 30 inches but yours may vary.

I have to say it is the most comfortable bed in the Universe. I flip my mattress every few months to keep it evenly worn--but I swear, I liked my bed before we got the Lillesand--and I love it 10x more now!

I hope you see this comment! Good luck whatever you decide.

Melissa Graves said...

Hi, hope you see this. My husband and I looking at getting the Svelvik bed from Ikea. It looks like you have had the bed for a couple of years now. Can you tell me what you think of the bed now? We have a couch and chair from Ikea that we love, but unfortunately Ikea does not have reviews for their items on its website. So I am looking at what I can online. Thank you.

Alana in Canada said...

I still love this bed and I would buy it again in a heart beat.Putting large Euro pillows at the back was a great idea for reading in bed. I love how the blanket at the foot of the bed doesn't fall off and I also love how the foot board is open so that when I need a fan to sleep, it can blow on me easily. I hope you see this.

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