Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Small Thing

Another item to be checked off the summer project list!

I slipped the couch into its cover. Or, rather more truthfully, I wrapped and folded the cover onto the couch. It's about 500x too big--it takes forever to put back on.

teal pillows-whitecouch
It almost didn't last until its photo shoot. Half a mug of hot chocolate was spilled during its debut hour. It was deja vu.

Back in January, I finally took the slipcover out of its bag and put it on the couch. I'd only had it stashed away for about--oh--four months or so. As I'd feared, almost instantly, the bottom piece, used to cover the cushions, became stained. I actually didn't notice it until after I'd washed--and dried it. I thought it was done for.

two-tone sofa--orange pillows--cozy couch
I achieved a warm and cozy feel for winter, I think, but, I'm not really a fan of the two-tone sofa look.

So, I borrowed a steam cleaner and went over the couch--twice.

I'd coveted those peacock blue pillows since the day after I'd picked up the orange ones at Pier One. But, unfortunately, as you can see, my couch is a "muddy" colour of green, while the pillows are very, very clear and clean. They do not go together. The artwork also clashes (and for some reason, looks teeny tiny).

So, I bought a throw to see if that might help.

It didn't.

It was time to take another swipe at the stained cushion piece. It was too simple. Just a little bleach and a lot of time --I managed it just a few days ago when I cleaned up the laundry room in the dungeon.

So, shall we see that again?

teal pillows-whitecouch

Let me just say, dishwashing detergent and baking soda are miracle workers.

But the artwork still isn't working. The husband and I bought it, rather impulsively, so many years ago I've forgotten. It was back when the dining room was painted peach with orange paint sponged on top of it. Yes, that long ago. Early oughts, anyway.

Time for a change. More than time. So, I worked on this today:

Please don't mind the rug. It has been shampooed twice and looks worse than ever. I'm on the hunt for a replacement. No, I checked. does not ship to Canada.

Hopefully, I'll be making holes in the wall soon, but I've some spray painting and printing and mod podging to do first!

Linking to the 124th Met Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.
Do you know I actually try to have something done, just so I can link a post to the party?

Lots of great projects to check out.


Colleen said...

fpr some reason the pictures of the newly recovered couch aren't showing- I only get the dreaded red x in a box. sounds great though!

The Farmers Daughter said...

I can see the sofa- I like it a single color and the white is really nice...I can't wait to see the art.
I'm painting the dining room wall today I think-

scb said...

It looks great to me! And I can see all the pictures. Love those cushions against the white couch. Where'd the butterfly one go?

Alana in Canada said...

Mr Butterfly has flown across the room to the chair. He looks very nice there. I'll show you the whole room once I've got my changes done.

Donna said...

Hi Alana, I love the slipcover! It really does look great. I can sympathize with your battle with the stains.

I liked reading about your 'dungeon' transformation and a couple of other posts. :o)

Thanks so much for the encouragement about my 'room makeover'. I'm not very 'stylish'..LoL!

BTW, I noticed you have several weightloss blogs listed in your blog roll and wanted to invite you to a 'group' weightloss support blog that I'm trying to get going. Anyone who wants to join can post their ups and downs or just share a recent weightloss post on it.

We just try to encourage each other 'along the way'. We'd love to have you!


abeachcottage said...

The sofa slip cover looks great. Your room is lovely too.

onshore said...

The slipcover looks grand. Any chance you could nip and tuck some extra fabric away?

Can't wait to see the art on the wall!

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