Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My plans today:

* measure and mark shelves for cutting--15 min (not done)

* laundry folding --15 min done! That's a lot of folding!

* work on Me-Tav album (look for writing for one entry) --15 min not done (yet).

* work on basement storage area de-clutter --30 min done!

After the first 15 minute session:

After the second:

* work on master bedroom --30 min

I only managed to do 15 minutes. Here's where we are at now:

* work on scrapbook album (week-in-the-life) --1hour --not done

* go to Safeway for weekly shop --1 hour Done!

I also went to the chiropractor today. That took a chunk of time out of my day--especially as after getting supper, I lay down for a four hour "nap." I really shouldn't have.

I found it very helpful to listen to a book on tape as I folded and worked on my projects, today. I've got "The Dance of Anger" by Harriet Lerner. I found it recommended on this fabulous site: http://www.ordinarycourage.com/

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