Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bit by Bit

Update on the fridge:
The freezer compartment, the drawers and one shelf done. Two shelves and the door to go.

At this rate, the kitchn cure may take a few months!

But I got the drawers (and the spilled sour milk underneath) all cleaned up yesterday. (Yay!)

Even after softening it with a wet paper towel placed on top for 1/2 hour, I still had to take a painter's scraping tool to that sour milk. Man, milk can be one tough cookie.

Today, I did the shelf above which meant bagging up some chicken broth I'd made the day before yesterday.

Isn't that the most appetizing thing you've seen all day? (not).

The first thing I do when I bag broth, though, is prepare the bags. I use ziplocs because I love the "write-on" strip.

Then, I skim off the fat. (This is chicken broth. I believe it's so dark because I made it in the same roasting pan I'd used to cook my chicken.

One of the tricky bits to this is filling the baggies. I'm lucky and have a pint mug in my cupboard. I stand the baggie up in it easily and fold down the "top".

I use a measuring cup to fill it.

It isn't really all that difficult to chase the air out of the bag before I press it closed.

The next tricky bit is getting it into my 8x8 pan to put in the freezer. Essentially I stack the bags on the counter with every other one wrapped in waxed paper. I'm ashamed to admit that it took me a while to figure out that this was the best way to keep the the bags from sticking to each other when they're frozen.

Ta da!
Next time a recipe calls for Chicken Broth, I can bring out my own!

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scb said...

Well done! I bet that chicken broth tastes way better than the store kind, as well!

Come clean my fridge? she asked, in a wheedling tone. No, cancel that, I'd be too embarrassed for you to see it.

My fridge is, as my word verification says, "rewful" which is something awful that one rues very much.

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