Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Vacation Plans.

It is a "staycation." (Remember time-shares? The husband and I attended one of those seminars once. For some reason, we were quite tempted. I'm so glad we didn't succumb. Because, if we had, I wouldn't this particular week --what they dubbed the "staycation"--to look forward to.

And I really am looking forward to it.

My husband has a week off: that means not only will I have his help, but it also means I have access to the vehicle! Whew.

Second, it is our homeschooling "mid-term break." I am fired up to get the house ready for----wait for it---yes---I know it is early, but---yes--Christmas!

I know, I know, but it isn't quite what you think. I'm sort of getting ready to get ready for Christmas. Does that make more sense, now?

So, I am focusing on two essential areas I want to clean up and clear out.

The Master Bedroom.

I still have boxes in there from the big clean out of my daughter's room--in August!
I have stuff in there from the bathroom make-over project which I started the week before clearing out my daughter's room.

Here it is:

(oh for shame.)

The second area?

The Basement.

Here is where we are today:

And here is the goal: the photo above. (the table is to the left underneath that nasty bright spot. Sorry about that!)


That's underneath.

I have a mighty powerful tool: the last QSCC workshop from Simplify 101 for 2010. Everyday I will post my intentions and report on my results in the forum there--and hopefully here, too.

I've already started. Today, I hauled out our old Thonet rocker and put it on the curb. It was repaired long ago with a nut and bolt--I could live with that--but the caning in the seat has gone. There's no one in town who does re-caning. It's been in the basement two years: it is finally time to let it go.

Second, I installed the glass shelf we had made for the bathroom. The original brackets I selected were too small: so I had to use another more expensive pair called pelicans.

(I had to install one on the back wall and one on the side because there was no room for the drill.)


Not quite what I had had in mind, but hey, it is a place to hold the hand soap and the toothpaste.

I've more planned for the week, too--fun stuff. I'll let you know.


Leena said...

Oh you are going to attend the qscc! You are going to have so much fun, eventhough you have lot of work to do, atleast in the basement. The bedroom does not seem as too much work, just make sure you don't corral all the stuff to the basement :D

I would like to attend to the qscc too, but I think I'm going to see how I'll do without the support from there.

LOJO said...

I was just wondering what you were up to! good luck on the basement!!

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