Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kitchn Cure: Week One Progress Report

No, I haven't forgotten about the Cure over at the The Kitchn. Thing is, I'm still in Week One: Clean the Freezer, Fridge and Pantry and they posted Week Three on Friday.

The Pantry in the basement is done, thank goodness.

The freezer compartment on the fridge is also done and I've nearly finished the fridge, too. I've just the top shelf and the door to do.

But, I have the feeling that "pantry" also means washing out the inside of any cupboards which hold food and purging and organizing them. Whether it does or not, mine are certainly in need of it.

Here's the worst offender: the baking shelf. I have had this on my to do list since September. It's the second shelf from the top.


and after:

I put all the half empty sprinkler containers into a tin I purchased at a garage sale a long time ago. I also emptied out three open bags of chocolate chips into a glass jar and I found a basket for the extracts and food colouring bottles. But the best thing I did was put a lazy Susan in the corner (underneath the baking powder in the fuzzy picture) --and that cleared up 90% of the clutter right there.

So, I have a few more shelves to go and, yes, the freezer in the basement is in dire need of a defrosting. So we could be in Week One for a while.


skirts and wellies said...

At least you got to week one. With house guests this week I didn't even make it to the starting line.

Leena said...

Wow, I read your blog last time on friday and now looked at it again (on monday) and noticed so much progres has been made. You've posted so many times with great accomplishments.

I'm attending the kitchen cure too and like you I'm also on the week one. But you've done so many other things that no wonder you are running bit behind.

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