Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hooray--the Latin came through!

Long story, but let me say that the Woman in Charge came through, not once, not twice but three times for me today to make sure that a book I'd paid for on Sunday was available for complete and thorough download today.

I'm more excited than I was at Christmas...I always get giddy with new curriculum. This is our new Latin text. And I'm so excited. Silly me.

But I've been threatening/promising the kids we'd get back into it--and tomorrow we shall. I've got it all ready to go.


zooza said...

Salve, o magistra! That book looks a lot more fun than the dreary texts we used at school. Have fun!

scb said...

Cool. There was Latin available in my high school (the city school -- not the small town school) but it was tacitly understood that only the smart kids/kids who were planning to be doctors took Latin.

This looks like fun! (I've always liked learning languages.)

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