Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sartorical Sabbatical: A Quiz

Which are you more likely to serve for Sunday supper?
A. Roast Chicken with home grown vegetables and fresh parsley
B. Take-out.
C. Capons with home-made chutney.
D. Cooked chicken from the supermarket and pre-bagged salad.

On Mondays you--
A. Do the laundry, of course.
B. Dahling, have you never heard of a laundry service?
C. Read. At last, the kids are back in school.
D. Shop.

When you wash the floors you
A. Use a mop
B. Sweep up for the cleaning lady.
C. Hand and knees. It's the only way to get them really shiny.
D. Are they dirty?

Your most favourite gift in the world would be
A. Tickets to the Folk Festival.
B. A hefty gift certificate to a fabulous restaurant.
C. A hefty gift certificate to your favourite second hand book shop
D. Tickets to a play.

Your favourite vacation spot is
A. In the mountains with your family.
B. Paris. or India.
C. London
D. The shopping Mall of America

A treasured evening would be:
A. Teaching my daughter to knit.
B. A jazz concert
C. Oh, anywhere is fine. As long as we get out of the house.
D. Upstairs.

At a party, you tend to talk to people who are
A. organizing the next drive for the local food bank
B. witty
C. we get to talk to other people?
D. wearing great shoes

In your living room you have
A. Great Grandmother's antiques.
B. The Petrie sofa.
C. A Danish teak sideboard.
D. A bar, of course.


smallcitybeth said...

D, C, A, C, A, C, B, A... sort of. Where was the option for "playing on the computer" as my favorite way to spend an evening? ;) (I'm trying to remember the last time I went out for an evening, with actual people, not just for groceries, and that's not self-pitying, that's just the plain, unvarnished truth...)

That quiz made me giggle. giggling's good.

drwende said...

Feral Care Bear is glad to see a sense of humor.

Feral Care Bear will be at you on Friday about identifying your REAL status symbol from among the large number of choices.


Alana in Canada said...

Can I blow a raspberry at Feral Care Bear? Or would that be Bad News?

drwende said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drwende said...

Alana, you've just said essentially "Nyah, nyah, you can't make me like myself! You can't make me admit there's anything good about me!"

What would you say if your daughter said that?

Alana in Canada said...

Ok. Sorry. I was hoping the levity and irreverance of the sabbatical would carry through the computer. It didn't.

And, no, my daughter is not allowed to blow raspberries, ever.

Point taken.

smallcitybeth said...

And now we've learned that we can't turn Feral Care Bear into a Bad News Bear. ;)

(When I was your daughter's age I couldn't blow raspberries because I just couldn't seem to get my tongue to do that spbbbt thing. Even into my early teens, when I'd try to imitate Edith Ann on Laugh-In, I'd say "And that's the truth. Pluh." Couldn't do it. I have now perfected the art, however...)

lorijo said...

A,A,C,C,A,D,A,C- so what does this mean? I liked the quiz, for once I could actually answer those questions.

Alana in Canada said...

I think it means you won't wear apron B (top right). Somehow, in all my education I missed writing quiz analysis 101. Too bad, it would have been quite a marketable skill, I believe.

(PS. I liked it too, for the same reason.)

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