Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 2.7 Pamper Me Pretty, Please.

I may have gone a bit overboard in the pampering department this evening. My day was extremely frustrating. A late night trip to Safeway to buy something I'd promised to get my daughter, netted, get this, a jar of Oil of Olay "day and night" moisturizer.

I have been sucked in!

After all those years of resisting all those "you can't be pretty without a product" messages, I succumbed. That photo I posted yesterday was from a few years ago--and you know what? Those lines on my forehead haven't gone anywhere. (So, I have to guess I really didn't have my face screwed up funny when it was taken.) And I was thinking about my comment that I have dry skin and don't wash my face. So, tonight I washed my face and put on the new lotion. You know what?

It felt wonderful.

But that's not all. Oh no.

Across the street from the Safeway is an all night drugstore. My daughter needed nail polish remover (favourite past-time of girls at seven: applying nail polish to the ends of their fingers, in a sort of Indian dance henna style). What do I do? Buy nail polish. I actually stood there and debated the merits of a pale brown "neutral" polish and a pinkier whitish "neutral" polish. I bought the pink. By the way, applying nail polish is NOT like learning to ride a bike. You do forget how to get it right.

But wait.
There's more.

I got into the bath with the nail basket, intending to do my nails in the tub--and what do I espy? The tweezers. I had a hand mirror. As I am so short sighted the mirror must be no more than 2 inches away in order for me to see, I'm never plucking in the bath-tub again....but what did I do? I plucked eyebrow hairs never before plucked. Yes, I thinned them out. Heck, even Brooke Shields plucked hers out years ago. There is now no eyebrow hair peaking out from under my glasses.

I can see my face--and my eyes--so much better I scurried upstairs to wash my face, put on the miracle cream and wait for the puffy bits to recede. They have somewhat. (I find myself wishing I'd bought the night time eyecream too). But there's so much skin between my brow and my eye that I'm thinking--oh, so that's why they put shadow up there. Everything looks so, well, so n*ked. You do understand that I am describing my emotional reaction more than the reality. They are not too thin....but hey, the husband did notice with only a little prompting.

So, I
--put on nail polish with colour
--plucked away the gorrilla brows
--washed and moisturized my face (and neck) with a product that cost more than I was willing to spend on a t-shirt.

all in one day.

OK, ladies, what are you going to have me doing next?


zooza said...

Wow. That's great - it sounds like you enjoyed it, too! You're inspiring me to get out the nail polish now. And tweeze. And moisturise. It all sounds as though it didn't take too long, either. Do you think you'll be able to find the time to continue a bit of pampering, or was last night a special case?

Oil of Olay is wonderful stuff. And they do an eye cream, too, hmmm? Not that I'm trying to put thoughts into your head. ;-)

drwende said...

Yay! You did go whole-hog! Good for you!

After all those years of resisting all those "you can't be pretty without a product" messages, I succumbed.

You can be pretty without a product, but you sometimes need a product to be HEALTHY. You use toothpaste on your teeth, right? And soap to get clean, right? With harsh winters, your skin needs moisturizer to stay smooth -- being dry and cracked is unhealthy for your skin.

Nail polish, now, is purely for pretties -- but why not? It's a lot more reversible than tattoos or piercings.

smallcitybeth said...

Yay you! I'm so glad it became real pampering, and not "a chore"! And I'm glad you found a product that feels great. (I saw some Nivea sensitive skin stuff yesterday... resisted buying it yesterday, but, you guessed it, I'm going back today.)

We can have an online pajama party, doing our hair, and our nails, and our faces... ... ...

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm still feeling good...Getting pictures developed later today, though I'm not quite ready for that slideshow, so there may be an AT post.

lorijo said...

This is fantastic! Good for you! I started pulling out my product today- and throwing away the elderly ones- in hopes that if I put them in my line of sight and make them available I might actaually use one or two of them. Remember- do something everyday for a month and it will become a habit. I think taking care of outselves, inside and out, is important enough to become a habit.

I may have to do a post later today or tomorrow about this-

smallcitybeth said...

I said Nivea, it's actually Neutrogena. Just to keep the record straight. I bought some cleanser, to see if I like it, because it was cheaper than the moisturizer. If the cleanser doesn't scare my skin, I'll shell out for the moisturizer.

This is such fun!

lorijo said...

I use Neutrogena tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. I read about it in one of those magazines- it's got an spf of 20 I think and feels really nice. Good color and not to much coverage. I think I can keep this up!

curing what ails me said...

I also use the Neutrogena tinted moisturizer (and Aveda has a wonderful one also) It works for me instead of foundation and is light enough as to not cause my slightly oily skin to break out and I love that it has sunscreen...regular sunscreen products always seem so heavy and make me feel like I'm putting Vaseline on my face.

Alana in Canada said...

Neutrogena, eh?
I hate feeling like there's something on my face. I begin to actually feel claustrophobic and hyperventilate. And the heaviness of sunscreen?
Don't get me started!
My breathing's changing already.

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