Saturday, November 24, 2007

Frumpy Footware

See these amazing Oscar de la Renta boots?
My footwear isn't like that.

Of all the folks doing wardrobe therapy, of all the folks who will ever do WT, I think it's safe to say I have the most boring collection of shoes and boots in the universe.

1. Pile

Stalwart Staples: (3/3)
-- 1 pair of runners (cross trainers).
-- 1 pair of low-heeled black winter boots.
-- 1 pair of sandals. (I wear these as my "slippers" in winter because they are super heavy duty sandals. I bought them in the "sports" section of Canadian Tire. They're essentially Velcro straps integrated with a rubber tire. They're meant for people when they go canoeing and camping and such, not for ladies who lunch.)

Velveteen Rabbits (5/3)
There were a few surprises here. I'd forgotten I still had these shoes.

--1 pair of moccasins with a solid sole (necessary for my foot problems). The lining is coming out.

--1 pair of backless red suede clogs.(The original crocs). Very comfortable (when my feet feel OK) but the suede is badly damaged. I'm going to see if I can restore them.

--2 pairs of runners (cross trainers). I examined the wear on the treads very closely before I tossed them and indeed you can see the progression of first the right foot and then the left slowly falling down at the heel and to the inside of my foot.

----A pair of burgundy(!) trouser shoes in a style I can't even describe. They also have a bit of a heel (but it is solid to the shoe) and they are quite comfortable. But they are badly scuffed at the toe.

Same Time Next Year (1/0?)
--1 pair of yellow-beige heels (well, not to Wende as they are less than 2 inches) that I have always hated but always wear when I need a heel. They have a squared off pointy toe and a square opening to the foot.

Sentimental Favourites (1/0?)
The patent leather heels I bought 25 years ago. If they fit, I'd wear them. I got "classic" absolutely right when I spent a month's worth of groceries on them way back then.

And that's it.

--a decent, comfortable basic shoe to wear with pants and dresses when I can wear something other than my runners. I may go windows(tm) shopping for these.

--a pair of dressy shoes.

--a sandal for summer that doesn't look like I'm going to launch a boat in them.

The basic shoe to be worn with pants or dresses. We are actually going out to a "Christmas play" this coming Friday and I'd like a new pair of shoes to wear with my dress. It's kind of silly, as most of us usually keep our winter boots on, but I hate doing that, as my feet get really hot after an hour or so. So, I'll look and see if I can find anything that will 1) take an insole for proper support and 2) satisfy my craving for a "nice" pair of shoes that will make me feel like a lady. I want them to be both "dressy" and suitable for pants.

These would obviously be dressy and make me feel like a lady:

Yes! Betsey Johnson saddle shoes. I know just the kind of dress I'd put with them too. But, I'd never wear it! And I have the strongest urge to go play with my daughter's Barbies, now!


drwende said...

Am I sensing a need for a new line of Barbies where we can dress them in the designer items that we'd never actually wear ourselves but find fascinating to watch?

CQ in DC said...

sigh- I love both the shoes and the boots you posted...

Alana in Canada said...

Yes, absolutely, Wende. I can see the fasion runways now!

cq--aren't they gorgeous? I love shoes! Beautiful shoes can just bring me to my knees.

smallcitybeth said...

Um... (caution, attempt at joke approaching...) with your foot problems, I think both the boots and the shoes would definitely bring you to your knees!!! ;)

I'm so glad someone else wears their sandals as slippers. My toes are complaining that they're cold even as I type this, though.

I was in a store several years ago, and saw a little girl and her mother standing in front of the Barbie display. The little girl was saying "I want that girl, and that girl, and that girl..." (I'm of the old school Barbie era -- one or two Barbies and a mountain of clothes. I really miss those fabulous outfits, and the cute little catalogs that came with every clothing set...)

Good luck on finding some shoes for the Christmas Play outing. (Wouldn't it be nice to not have to bother with boots???)

smallcitybeth said...

After reading your post above this one, I'm sure my feeble attempt at a joke would fall really flat, if not be downright hurtful -- sorry! I didn't mean it that way.

Alana in Canada said...

Scb--Oh no, not at all.
I was hoping someone would see the clever wordplay, as it were!

No, no, if I didn't have a sense of humour I would not, could not have survived my life!

One of the most wonderful things my Grandmother, in fact, bequeathed to me was the example of laughing at one's own foibles.

No fears, scb, no fears.
You're joke didn't fall flat at all (even though my feet are!! :))

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