Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 2.1 Wardrobe Therapy

Update on Week One tasks:

Bones: Get completely caught up on laundry you can do yourself.
--working on it! As I do laundry for four people plus all sheets, towels, painting rags, etc., and I got terribly behind these last eight weeks, today has been devoted to Laundry Day! I've spent probably two hours just folding what was already clean!

Breath: Choose one garment, pair of shoes, accessory, make-up item, skin-care product, or hair-care product that will ultimately belong in the Torture Device category and make it go away now instead of waiting for its special week.
--I did this. I probably did too much of this. Two pairs of pants and two tops are gone.

Heart: Do something pampering for yourself.
---does eating my favourite chocolate count?
--update, Sunday evening: I took a bath by candlelight. It was sort of a case of making lemons out of lemonade as the fuse to the bathroom (and son's bedroom, back hallway, 3/4's of the living room, most of the basement and the entire upstairs, yes, all one fuse) has blown and we don't know how to fix it, and sort of a case of pampering. But I enjoyed it. And that's what counts.

Head: Find a source of clothing pictures that you enjoy looking at
--this is creating so much angst, I don't know if I really can. 1)I don't know where to look, 2) The places I do look are just so far out of range it causes pain. It's like lusting after the art collection at the Musee D'Orsay.

And so there we have it.


smallcitybeth said...

Chocolate *always* counts.

Have you tried Reitman's? Tabi? Cleo? Those are my stand-bys. (Easier now that I've lost a bit of weight.) I also occasionally find something at Alia, although it runs to things that are more suited to my mother's generation.

How about Suzanne's? Do you have that there? Once in a while I see something there. (The one in the mall further away from me has better clothes than the one in the mall I'm usually at, so you have to pick and choose...)

Mella DP said...

Think of it like the style tray concept, right? - as visual stimulus, rather than shopping. Though I hear you about the "don't know where to look" thing - hard unless you're already the sort of person with extensive experience and nuanced opinions relating to all the major fashion mags.

And yes, chocolate always counts. Good chocolate counts double.

drwende said...

On the one hand, at this stage, don't worry if you're attracted to clothing that's not in your comfortable price range. Focus on identifying what attracts you to the clothing. Is it color? Shape? Texture? Specific details? The way items are combined into an outfit? Are there consistent themes, like you love pointy collars or shiny fabric or anything that suggests "English country house"?

Understanding what you love is going to help you be more efficient in finding the real garments. This is also potentially a help in budgeting -- as you get a handle on your "look," you should start to get a feel for where you want to concentrate your spending to get the most bang for the buck.

drwende said...

(Oh, I meant to add - dealing with stores and fashion magazines leaves me with many complex feelings that can be summarized as "panic" and "hostility.")

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks both of you. It is the Style Tray concept:and I think it is a fabulous tool for training your eye to filter out all you don't want.

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