Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The House Project List for 2016

One of the best assignments of the January Cure is to make up a list of projects we want to complete around the house. I love doing these--they set the tone for the whole year. 

Last year's list was quite extensive--and we got a fair bit of it done too. Some of the projects we did are linked to blog posts and some we've done and haven't posted yet.

I have carried over some of the items I didn't get to on that list to this one, so this will replace that one.


There are a lot of weeds, there, right where I want some decent plants. But you can appreciate how shady it is. This is July. Noonish.

Maybe one shrub this year. I may give up on deciduous. A low growing cedar, perhaps?

Front Entry:

  • Replace ceiling fixture. done, not blogged.
  • Wash lower walls and baseboards.
  • Paint the wall to match the back hallway? done, not blogged.


  • Finish staining the handrail and topcoat
  • Touch up paint nicks on stairs. (Yes, already! We only finished in September.)
  • Sew new curtains for window. 
  • Make or buy and install screen for window. (summer breezes!)

Coat closet:

  • Install a hook for the step ladder

Cleaning Closet: 

  • clean turntables holding cleaning products. Done! One of the January Cure's projects.
  • declutter, done. (see above.)

Living Room:

  • Wash and iron curtains
  • spot clean, bleach and wash slip cover  done.
  • spot clean carpet

Dining Room:

  • Rehang this engineering print.
  • Scrape up paint on the floor done, not blogged
  • remove resin on floor
  • sand and remove resin topcoat on table. Replace with a matte topcoat or rebuild table top?
  • attach legs to the top of the table.


  • Touch up paint on cabinets.
  • Scrape up paint spots on the floor. done.
  • Put up hook for pendant light cord by plug in.

Downstairs bath:

  • Clean grout
  • repaint walls
  • make hole for fan bigger and/or buy a better fan. Chris made a bigger hole, but it didn't seem to solve our problems.
  • figure out why the toilet isn't flushing properly and fix it.
  • Redo ceiling panels. (Scrape and sand off peeling paint, prime and re-paint or varnish.)  Chris re-sealed with a shellac based varnish, but they are still yellowing.
  • Wash ceiling in tub/shower area. Re-paint?
  • Paint the back of the bathroom door. Done!
  • Install hook or towel bar on door (or both).
(There's a one room challenge starting April 7th. This just might be a candidate!)

Upstairs bathroom:

  • Wash walls. Walls washed and painted. Almost. We've been at this bathroom refresh for a month!
  • Remove wire shelving? done.
  • Remove clog in toilet plumbing we bought a new toilet! Post to come.


  • Organize paint supplies. Done.
  • Paint stairs and re-tack stair mats
  • Declutter basement storage area with the recyclables and the bottles and cans.


Scrape up paint in hallway and dining room
Call phone company to install jacks on main floor
Sell/Donate the boxes of books in the garage. Done.
Begin the process to wire the house properly.

I'm also involved in a few projects at my Mom's this year. It's going to be a busy year!

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