Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Letting Go (Preparing the Outbox)

The outbox, as Maxwell conceived it, was intended to be a temporary home for things you weren't sure you should keep or let go.

My outbox has become a permanent fixture to temporarily hold items which will leave my house when I get around to taking them.

My outbox is in my laundry room underneath the folding table. It's a holy mess down there right now. 

As we do the Cure, I just might press the original function of the outbox into action.

That blue box with the bagged creche stable on top is full of Christmas decorations and the clothes piled on the other side are clean. I am anxious to get in there and tidy up.

I'd like to think I don't need a dithering spot--that I am that decisive--but I suspect that the entire basement is my dithering spot. I am itching to get in there and deal with it.

There wasn't much--just a few clothes and books.

Follow along as I do the January Cure!


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