Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Cure: Catching Up.

I feel quite behind, even though I've been working on the Cure or Cure related tasks nearly every day.

Time to catch up and come clean.

Assignment #1: Clean the Floors.

I did this...but only in the way that one would clean the floors during a regular weekly cleaning. I didn't bust out the stain remover for the stains in the carpet. I didn't get out the special wood floor cleaner and clean my wood floors. I just swiffered (upstairs) and vacuumed (downstairs). I did seewp the stairs thoroughly. (And two weeks later, I notice, they need to be done again.) I did not clean the kitchen floor at all.

So, in a way, I feel like that assignment still needs to be done.

Assignment #2: Make A List of Projects.

Assignment #3: Purge the Pantry.

Assignment #4: Set up an Outbox

Assignment #5: Declutter a Drawer.

I did this one very, very late, just before bed.  I actually asked someone on the AT Cure thread to tell me what to pick and I was told to clean either a drawer from the bedroom or the bathroom. Since we don't have drawers in our bathrooms, I chose the bedroom--but I chose the one where Ikeep my miscellaneous bathroom "toiletries." I never got around to blogging about it, so here we are.

Assignment #6: Clean the Kitchen.

Janel gave up the option of cleaning either the inside or the outside surfaces of our kitchen. Since my cupboards were long overdue (as well as the fridge and stove) I chose "inside."

I love it when my counter top is clean. I just wish I could keep it this way!

 I worked on it one drawers and one cabinet at a time. I was going to do a grand post when I was done--but I still have one cabinet left to do--and the floor, of course. Naturally, heavily used areas, like the stove top, counter top and the table need to be cleaned again.

Assignment #7: Observe: The Ten Minute Meditation.
I rarely do this one and I don't plan to do it this time, either.

Assignment #8: Clear a Closet and Assignment #9: Work on Your Project.

 Assignment #10: Get Your Get-Together Together.
Not having a get together.

Assignment #11: Clean the Bedroom.

Like the kitchen, this was a really big project.

I had a full day off to devote to it and enough bed-linens in reserve for the first time in a long time (namely an extra mattress cover and some pillow covers), so I didn't have to wait until all of the laundry was done in order to redress the bed. So, I was "done" in one day--not like the kitchen.

mid-way through the first day

But, then, the next day--also a day off, I decided to take down my curtains and wash them--and re-hem one of them.  But, fortunately, before I actually re-hemmed, I realised both panels had shrunk--so, now I have two curtain panels I need to re-hem--and no curtains on my bedroom windows. And no after pictures, either.

Assignment #12: Media Fast.
If I do this one, I'll let you know. The night it was scheduled for, I had to work.

Assignment #13: Lighten up the Living Room.
I think I am going to do the Dining Room instead.

Assignment #14: Medicine Cabinet Clean out.

Assignment #15: Look thru the Linens.
It wasn't that long ago I tackled this one.

Assignment #16: Scrub the Bathroom.
I really have to do a major overhaul of this room. The ceiling needs to be stripped and re-painted, the walls likewise. The grout in the tub/shower area needs a thorough scrub.

I just avoided it all weekend, really.

Assignment #17: Catch Up Day.
Believe it or not, I did nothing. Nothing. 

My husband, son and I did get out and see The Revenant, though. It deserves the hype it's getting. Glad I saw it even though I actually had to bring my coat up to my eyes and peak through it for some scenes. So gritty.

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MMarie said...

Hi Alana,
I have been completing the Apt Therapy Cure too. I've completed all but one assignment. Most were done the day assigned or within a day or two. It feels like January has flown by and I'm going to miss the daily emails and "assignments." What will I do with all my free time?! Ahhh, yes, work on that long project list we created weeks ago. I received the AT weekend project emails last year but did not like them at all so I am hoping this year's weekend projects are more to my liking.

Give yourself grace on the items you didn't complete. You are such a busy lady, with so many projects going, both at your home and your mom's. Plus, your house looks great with all that you've done to in in the last few years!

Alana in Canada said...

I didn't like the weekly assignments either, last year, so I am hoping they are a bit better this year. As well, I'm always working on the weekend--so I'd often forget all about it when my days off came around. Good for you for doing so much of the Cure! I bet the house feels great!

German Zollinger said...

I'll have to refer my wife to your blog, I think she would really like your posts. She is always looking for ways to get us better organized with a family of seven, and she loves to get me involved as well. I have never heard of these projects/assignments before but it's a really great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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