Monday, December 21, 2015

What I Wore: GYPO Winter Challenge Week 1

Wardrobe Therapy.

A long, long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away) (sorry) there was a small group of women who went through their closets in an effort to purge all that was unflattering and to think deeply and long about their clothes and accessories. I was one of them. This is not that story.

Weight loss, Wait schloss.

My weight has been a nightmare ever since I decided to "do something" about it in 2011. (Did you know I have a weight loss blog? I do.) I'd lose forty pounds or so--and then stop exercising and start eating--and eat like I'd never eaten before. I got on the roller coaster--and every weight loss attempt resulted in a net gain about a year later.

I did well with some weight loss in 2014--so well, in fact, I treated myself to a mini summer wardrobe. Then, I started shopping for fall and everything fell apart. I started gaining weight, clothes became hard to find (and expensive!) and my weight was too unpredictable. So, I bought a few things and then gave up.

I am now the heaviest I have ever been. I may get heavier. (I hope not.)

Because: The Purge

After the big AT closet purge of my clothes this Fall, I was truly left with very little to wear. And I didn't want to buy just anything to fill in the gaps. I wanted a plan...a lovely little capsule wardrobe--and I really didn't want to figure it out myself, this time. Shopping for clothes is a horrible ordeal for me. So, I paid someone else to tell me what to buy!

GYPO (the most unfortunate acronym ever)

I signed up with Alison Lumbatis of Get Your Pretty On for the Winter 2015 Challenge, She sent me a shopping list--and 21 days of outfits plus three dressy outfits and two PJ options (Christmas, you know) assembled from the items on the list.

It's not personal in any way. She sends the same materials to everyone. Then, for a designated period of time, we wear our outfits. December 14th was the first official day. There are 1200 of us in a private facebook group--and we share photographs of ourselves in our outfits.

It's fun.

What I do, on days I work, is go to work in my work duds--and then I change when I get home.

1) The camera battery was acting up. I've since replaced it. Apologies for horrid blurry pictures.
2) I would dearly love a better place to take the selfies. I'm thinking about it.
3) I need a haircut.
4) I spent money with abandon. It's embarrassing. But it is also important to acknowledge that a functional wardrobe (especially in a plus size!) is not cheap.

So, without further ado, here are most of my outfits from Week One.
(I don't have every recommended piece).

What I Wore.

To the Christmas party where I work:

Jacket: Pennington's, $50.00
Sequined top: Pennington's, $50.00
Clutch: Value Village, $1.99
Ponte Knit Pants, Pennington's, last year.
Ankle Boots, Sam Edelman, The Bay, last year.
Oversized watch, Penningtons, $26.00
Chandelier Earrings, eons ago.

Outfit of the Day #1

Tunic Top (a substitution for a tunic sweater) Pennington's, last year.
Fur vest, Laura Plus, $99.99 (sale)
Burgundy jeans, Melissa McCarthy at Penningtons, $119.00
Runners, The Bay, last year
Tassell necklace, I've forgotten, last year.

Outfit of the Day #2 resulted in a top being donated.
No photo.

Outfit of the Day #3

I cleaned the house in this get up! I had to lower the thermostat on the furnace.

Fair Isle Sweater, Land's End, $75.61 (sale)
Flare Jeans, Old Navy, $23.47 (50% off) (That seems low. I think that's in American dollars).
Ankle Boots, see above.

Outfit of the Day, #4

Plaid Shirt: Land's End, $46.96
"Cable" knit sweater, Penningtons, $58.00
Black Ponte knit pants, see above.
Pearls, Christmas present from my husband, 1997

I am supposed to be wearing my "casual" winter boots, here, but they were snowy and wet.

Outfit of the Day #5
My least favourite outfit so far.
Someone suggested I substitute a cream coloured turtleneck.

Black Turtleneck, Penningtons,  last year
Fur Vest, as above
Burgundy jeans, as above
Black ankle boots, as above
coloured stones necklace, Sears, last year.

Outfit of the Day #6
I was supposed to wear the sequined top above with a cardigan and black jeans, but a) too much black, and 2) I spent the day at Mom's helping her organize her pantry and boxing things up for donation. Not really a sequinny sort of day.

(sorry, battery dying.)

Cardigan, Addition-Elle, $80.00
Plaid Shirt, Land's End, $54.91 (sale)
Ponte knit pants, as above
Pearls, as above
Purple suede moccasins, Land's End, $31.04 (sale)

Outfit of the Day #7
I'm supposed to be wearing a sweater dress, but I opted not to purchase one.

Black turtleneck, as above
Grey Diamond knit sweater, Pennington's? last year
Black ponte knit trousers, as above
Purple mocs, as above

So far, it's been a fun thing to do--but it still kind of feels like playing dress up.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun idea to be part of this group. My favorites, if it's okay to say, are the Christmas party outfit (pretty and fun, sparkles near your face and then black continues all the way to your toes) and #4 (I think the cream colored top brights things up and like the v neck).

Alana in Canada said...

Absolutely OK, MMarie! I loved my party outfit. And a v neck is good for me. :)

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