Thursday, November 12, 2015

ORC 6: The Walking Deadline

A.L.M.O.S.T. there--but not quite.

I am converting a funny little leftover space at my Mom's into a dressing room for a five week on-line decorating challenge called the One Room Challenge. It is hosted by Linda at Calling it Home. Every Wednesday twenty invited and sponsored bloggers post progress on their projects. On Thursdays, anyone insane enough to join can link up.

That'd be me--and 170 others.

Catch up on former weeks:

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Week 2: Down and Out or is that Out and Down?
Week 3: Coming Out of the Closet, No Wait, that's the Closet Coming Out.
'Week 4: From Dry Walling to Dry Walls

Ugh. This project just won't go away. I'm done--but it's not.

It's all those tiny little details that you figure won't take long--but always do. In fairness to myself, though, I knew we were a week behind when I posted last week. But I am ever-optimistic. "Too optimistic" say some. (ahem).

Just because what can go wrong will go wrong--especially when you most need it not too.

I bought four lampshades and three light fixtures this week for the vanity. I cried in Ikea. The sheer volume of clothing and shoes my mother owns is utterly overwhelming to me. The three pax units we purchased and assembled are no where near enough--she has three to four times as many clothes as will fit into the dressing room.

There's no room in the room for the bench. It had been going to store her sweats--now she has nowhere to put them.

We haven't figured out her jewellery. She has vetoed every idea I had and I am out of them.


Pictures still need to be hung.

You'll notice that one of them hasn't any content. Another detail.

Clothes, too.

I didn't pick up any hangers specifically for skirts. I haven't seen her in a skirt in a long time, and I don't have any, personally, so I just didn't think of it. Another detail.

Ditto the wire for the privacy shears.

Chris is re-drilling the holes. I'd originally put them too close to the wall.

The drapes are sewn (yay Mom) and hung--just setting the pleats.

FYI: Planning pleats is hard. 

And this.

Mom's Big Book of Rembrandt paintings (or maybe it's on Renaissance paintings) has been very useful in this project!

This is part of a mirror building project that due to measuring errors on my part and my husband's determination to make it work for me caused, well, you know one of those bitter, nasty, high volume discussions that couples get into.


So. we're all tired and stressed and it's not over yet....

Soon. Please God, soon.

Please congratulate the other guest participants, here and the invited participants here. Their finished rooms are quite inspiring.

Update: Woohoo! It's done. Come see.

Punch List:
Empty out every last little thing
Take down remaining shelving
Tear down closet   
Repair dry wall and rebuild closet bit
Prep and paint walls 
Tear out carpet, underlay (padding), and staples.
Put in plywood for floor and level.
Lay down new flooring
Buy new light fixture(s)
Install new light fixture(s)
Sew window treatment
Install drapery wall for privacy and doorway
Find a bench/make one
Cover the bench Not using it.
Buy one pax wardrobe
Assemble 3 Pax Wardrobes
Reconfigure floor vent --not doing it.
Put down a threshold strip
Install closet rod(s)
Install shoe shelves
Egads, I just thought of it--baseboards! We need baseboards! Installed!
Figure out Jewellery storage/display
Move clothes back in.


t said...

Just my usual plea, please do not put so much pressure on yourself! You have done a great job and your Mom needs to learn to let go of things - I only wish that as she sees these beautiful spaces coming together that she realizes it is time to let go of things and just fill the space she has. I commend you for your patience with her.

Stacey said...

You'll get there. :)

MMarie said...

I ditto what "t" said (so beautifully written). Bless you and Chris for your love and care on this project, and your patience with your mum. While in the thick of it, it's very difficult but the results will be worth it, right (eventually at least!)

Sam @ Away She Went said...

You might not have finished, but you accomplished so much over the past few weeks! Sometimes starting a project is the hardest part and now you've just got to finish those last few things. You'll get there! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much everyone. Your encouragement is what I need to get through to the other side of this project. aLana

A Designer At Home said...

Ha, you sounds like me. It'll be OK! You'll get there!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

You got a lot accomplished. Look how much further you are and it won't be long before it is done. Great job.


Ha Ha you are funny:) Headed over to see the finished project. Yeah....and about those skirts....I can't remember the last time I wore one either:)

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