Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Being Home

Today was a day off. 

A long awaited, much anticipated, jealously guarded day off.

A day off work.

A day off dealing with my Mom and her house.

A day off from feeling stress and panic and worry and anxiousness.

There were times in the past six weeks that I felt like little pops of sweat or something were just exploding out from the pores of my skin. Just like in the comics.

That didn't happen today.

I felt a bit lost. A lot relieved. Grateful for your wonderful comments. Tired. (Though I slept 11 hours, I think). Still tired.

And very happy I could finally turn my attention to my own home.

I concentrated on the bathrooms and the kitchen. My desk is a comfortable mess and I left it that way. Just sort of took a stab at the living room. I got the machines going. Changed three lightbulbs so I could see. We know what to do.

I'm not done. There's more to attend to. But I am treating it like a treat--like I get to lavish some love on my things and wash, and wash, and fold and fluff and putter. Love puttering.

It's good to be home--even if it isn't perfect.


MMarie said...

Love your last photo and the reality of life! Alana, your writing is beautiful. Glad you have a day to yourself and it sounds like you've enjoyed giving attention to your own home, at a relaxed pace. Congrats!

(p.s. today I bought drywall. Because of your photos and story it doesn't feel so scary to me, though I also understand drywalling is a job for professionals...but I'm going to try cause this project doesn't have to be perfect!)

Alana in Canada said...

How is the drywalling going? I am so excited you decided to try!

t said...

It was a well-deserved day off! Yes, it is good to be home.

MMarie said...

I've gathered my supplies and will start my drywall project when I have a few days off later this week. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for all your encouragement.

MMarie said...

Hi Alana,
I'm very happy to say I've made great progress on my first big drywall project. I've installed the drywall on the ceiling, and begun the mud process. I will need another layer of mud tomorrow night. I hope to finish adding texture, primer, and paint before Monday. It is looking MUCH better! Thanks for your encouragement and inspiration!

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