Friday, November 13, 2015

From the One Room Challenge: Masterful Closets

The One Room Challenge is an incredibly demanding event. Not only is the time frame a genuine challenge (and it is five weeks, not six, as the first post supposedly marks the beginning of the first week--and the sixth and final post is at the end of a week. You manage to lose a week that way). The bar is set incredibly high by the wonderful individuals Linda invites to participate as the sponsored challengees.

There  are twenty such dynamos who inspire the rest of us--and there were quite a few of the rest of us this round--over 175 linked up as "guests." As I tend to become somewhat obsessed,  I went searching for individuals who, like me, had chosen to take on a closet make-over. It was fun to follow their progress. So, here's a nice little round up of closets from the ORC.

There was only one invited participant who worked on a closet. Cassandra of Coco and Kelley created this ethereal dressing room/lounge. So pretty.

There were four guests who worked on their closets.

Anne is a girl after my own heart. She knocked down walls, too. She was able to get more pax units into her space, though. I love all the light this closet has.

I wish we had had as much space to work with as Ashley's did with her dressing room. Goodness knows, Mom could use it!

This was fun to watch. Tammy and her husband planned and built their very own custom closet. Tammy even hung wallpaper for the first time. You go, girl!

Lovely details in this closet. Melissa  has some serious skills with acrylic! I love her pink and navy colour scheme.

And finally, if you'd like to see how Mom's little dressing room compares, here's a sneak peak!

Congratulations to everyone who participated--no matter what your project was or how far your project progressed. We are all a lot further than we were a mere five weeks ago!  And some of us have lovely spaces, indeed. Thank you, Linda.

Update: The dressing room is done! You can see it here.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What lovely closet space, including your Mom's. I'm looking forward to seeing the full reveal.

Happy November ~ FlowerLady

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Lorraine! Me, too.

Luisa in Dallas said...

Your mom's new closet space looks very, very classy!

Anonymous said...

It is so incredibly beautiful! And you not only envisioned it, you built it. And you started with such an odd, somewhat ugly space. It is absolutely charming! Congratulations.

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