Monday, May 4, 2015

ORC Countdown: Day 5.4

In real life.

The following problem has two parts:


A woman wants to build a table 78" long and 32" to 33" wide. She wants to build it with a board at each end which will run perpendicular to the interior boards which will run lengthwise.

Like so:

You will use 2" thick boards (which are really only 1 1/2" thick). You may use any length of board you wish. You may not change the width of any board you choose. You must use at most only two widths of board.

Nominal dimension on the left, real life dimension on the right:

12" // 11"
10" // 9 1/4"
8" // 7 1/4"
6" // 5 1/2"
4" // 3 1/2"

Recommend which boards to be used and how they will be put together in the least expensive way possible while still being aesthetically pleasing. Calculate the rough cuts you want the store to make for you.

Here is the cost of the boards:

Store 1:

2x12x16    $30.47
2x12x12    $23.39

2x10x16    $16.61

2x8x10        $7.45
2x8x12        $9.62

2x6x16        $9.64
2x6x12        $13.98

Store 2:

2x4  $6.99/foot
2x6  $2.99/foot
2x8   $3.99/foot
2x10 $4.99/foot
2x12 $6.99/foot

You have fifteen minutes at each store and no calculator.


Oh, and Store 1 doesn't actually carry any pine, specifically. Those prices are for spruce--or fir--or pine. You won't discover this fact until you have bought them and had them cut, however.


Add the cost of a circular saw so you can make straight cuts and factor in a day and a half to track down the router bit so you can join the boards with biscuits. Calculate the gas used to drive to three stores to find biscuits and two trips to yet another store to buy and return two different sizes of router bits.

Assume it takes three hours to join the boards lengthwise.

Add in a further two to three hours--after work tomorrow--to join the end pieces.

Add the time to sand the table, stain it and top coat it.

How much will the table top cost and will it be done by Wednesday?

Show your work.


Marie said...

I love math but your math problem does not look fun! Love your humor and perseverance (I guess I have it too...that word took me about 10 tries to spell correctly!). You are going to be so proud of your self and be so in love with the table a few days from now.

Last spring I took an adult beginners wood working class at a local high school in the evening. We used the wood shop class, used routers, biscuits, etc. You didn't mention this but I Hope you are using strong wood glue and large clamps on your table too.

Go Alana Go! You are almost there!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What an inspiration you are! You'll love this table and be proud of your accomplishment when it's all done.

Happy constructing ~ FlowerLady

Alana in Canada said...

Oh good for you, Marie. I bet that was a fun class!

Lorraine, --oops, I should have been more clear--my husband is actually building it--and he is sweet to do it as Wednesday is not his deadline at all!

I did see him use a few clamps, Marie.;)

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