Saturday, May 2, 2015

ORC Countdown: Day 5.2

Gathering courage.

I still have a rather large canvas to paint.
Remember this? This is where the whole One Room Challenge for this room started!

I went searching for inspiration.

I like the shapes and the brushstrokes in this one: Highway Wildflowers by kelli hall for Minted.

I loved this by the artist, Alison, at minted. It's called Indian Summer.

This, too, is called Indian Summer.

 Helen Frankenthaler: source

I love how the colours are stacked--inverted--like our expectations. 

I really love the one below, though.

 Helen Frankenthaler: source

I feel like it could inspire me to write a boatload of fantasy fiction, Darkoverish-Zimmerman-Bradley style.

And then, there is Rothko.

Of course.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

lovely spray paint colour.
Alana ur house looks so nice and cozy

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