Friday, May 1, 2015

ORC Countdown: Day 5.1

No promises I will do this every day, but I did last time and it was fun to capture the chaos and energy of the final week.

Today, I bit the bullet and cut the wall hanging.

Then, I shopped and shopped and settled on some fabric to cover the office chair (the tartan draped on the chair) and the chair cushion for the wicker chair.

I liked it a lot, actually. The colours worked well together and the tartan felt "libraryish."

But then, my husband agreed to hang one of our brick panels, "to see how it goes."

Rocked. my. world.

changed. everything.

Um. No. Not anymore.


or something like this?

Now I wish I'd brought the drapes all the way to the end of that wall. That patch is distracting.

I bought some more yarn.

and a rug

and I am so freakin' excited again I can't stand it.


Marie said...

so excited for your excitement! Great progress. You have such intuition when pulling it all together and I know you are going to love it once this hard week it behind you.

Alana in Canada said...

Oh Marie, thank you! I need that encouragement, today!

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