Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dear Target

I am really sad.

I was so excited for you to open your doors in Canada.

I won't deny it, I was not happy that your shelves were not quite as full as those of my American cousins. But you had stuff.

Stuff I liked.

Stuff I bought.

I could not have re-done the living room without the rug we found. You know, I drove to two of your stores to find it. I had hope. I had faith in you. And you had it. I say "it" like I was looking for something specific. I wasn't. I was just looking for something that would work.

I don't think you really appreciate how impossible it is to find nice large area rug in my price range in this city. Truly. Without you, I really don't think I'll ever find a decent one again.

The pouf! No one else even has poufs!

Another hard to find item in the price bracket I'm willing to pay?

Oven mitts. Yes. Nuts, I know, but decent, unobtrusive oven mitts are hard to find at a price I am willing to sacrifice to the dog from time to time. After he gets a hold of these, it'll be back to the gaudy things from Wally's world, I'm afraid.

Oh and there's a hand towel! Thank goodness I picked up a bunch of those last time I was in.

I'm not sure there's a room in my home that hasn't been touched by you.

My entryway.

I was so happy to find that tray.

The living room, of course. Changing up my living room this fall changed my life. Truly.

 the bowl. (But not the cacti.)

Looking at this reminds me how hard it is to find decent lamps--bases and shades.

The frame I chose for the picture I had taken with my Grandmother who passed away this fall.

The dining room/home office:

Such a great colour to that lamp.

That bird was just what was needed here.

And, of course, there is the bowl which started the whole kitchen refresh.

The curtains made out of the table cloth (eta: it was a shower curtain, not a tablecloth). Goodness, I feel like crying.

That fabric.
That fabric.
There is no decent fabric anywhere local. There just isn't.

My bedroom.

The mirror.

still in the box.

my lamp.

my sheets.

I even invited Target for Christmas this year.

I really was excited to find some buddies for my reindeer.

I had a hard time finding pretty plates this year. Home goods just had the gaudiest things. But you came through--even though I never realised there was a whole Christmas shop on your second floor.

Sparkly placemats. How fun is that?

Such a lovely table runner.


Target, I wish you'd reconsider and just get the product into your stores. If you have to, close three of the four you have here in the city. (Only one of them was decently stocked, anyway.) You know I made a special trip to one of your stores one evening just to pick up your Threshold jug. It is a gorgeous jug. You were out.

But now, I will never have it.

You have returned me to home decor purgatory.

I'll miss you.


Marian said...

We lived in the US for eleven years, and I LOVED Target - they had some great stuff at a reasonable price, and best of all, they weren't Wal-Mart!

But their Canadian debacle...the main emotion I'm feeling right now is anger. They swooped in and closed all the Zeller's stores, and in smaller cities (like mine) opened nothing in return! Yes, our Zeller's was disorganized and messy and dirty...but it at least provided some alternative to Wal-Mart! Our city lost a lot of jobs, and now, there's even more people out of work. I wish they had done their homework and gotten things right in the first place...

Paula said...

First: your house sparkles and looks so classy! :-)

Second: Now I understand what my apartment is missing: a TARGET store. Your bowls, the tray, all your nice lamps ... those things are hard to find around here. Of course you can easly find any bowl or any tray but for poeple like "us", who clearly know what kind of bowl and tray they wish to bring home, it can become a long quest ...

And oven mitts! I tossed the last, ruined pair, because I thought as long as the old ones are in the house, I will never go and buy new ones. Haha. I did not know by then, that you don't simply "go and buy oven mitts".

warm regards,

PS: is this a spice rack, right to the oven? Would you like to go into details?

Alana in Canada said...

Oh Marian, I am so sorry about that. They opened four here--they really did not need four. (I don't think there are even that many super Walmarts, here.) That is a shame.

Paula--you took my point exactly. The spice rack. It is a sheet of metal from home depot and magnetic jars from, I think, Canadian Tire. They used to be readily available. Walmart might have them?

Here is a post where you can see the individual components:

Paula said...

Thank you Alana for the link!
I browsed through the whole story/project.
You might have solved a problem! (need to propose the idea to Mr Paula first)

Carol-Anne said...

After so much excitement (from me!) that they were coming, it was just so very disappointing when they got here with their bare shelves & cheap quality shit....blah.
How such a large, successful company could get it soooooo wrong is just shameful.

Anonymous said...

Our local Goodwill (thrift store) buys stuff from Target and then resells it in their stores at 1/2 price. And if they're in the store over 30 days, they're 1/2 that price! I bought a brand new Target 8 x 10 rug for $35!!! (originally $150 at Target). I don't know what kind of deal Goodwill gets from Target, but I sure am pleased!

Rita Ramstad said...

I feel the same way about Ikea--and I would be so bummed if they closed their Portland doors! Can you buy online and have things shipped to you?

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