Thursday, January 15, 2015

Assignment #9: Project Day.

Our assignment was to pick something off of our list.

I decided I would knock off a bunch of small projects instead of working on something big. I was craving instant gratification.

Instead, the whole day felt like eating a popsicle in the hot sun while it is dripping all over you and making you sticky and that last bit that's always so tricky to get just... falls... off.

Project #1. Install a longer extension cord behind the dresser.

Yep, Nope. Didn't work. No gratification.

Project #2. Tape two plastic bags together over the big brown drapes so I can get them into storage.

Well, OK, mildly gratifying, but mostly tedious. Now of course, I have to actually carry them down two flights of stairs and put them into storage. Too much work. (They're heavy.)

Project #3. Paint and "finish" pull out shelf.

sigh. I forgot the damn paint takes 16 hours to dry. Yes. 16. Nothing "instant" about that, now is there? Then there will be the rest of it to do. (I am going to put butcher block oil on it just because I want to see what it does.)

Project #4. Put another coat of wax on the coffee table.

Ok. That was OK.

Project #5. Clean the bathroom.

That felt much better.


Rita said...

Amazing how much time it takes to get things done, isn't it?

Paula said...

The coffee table looks just perfect!

The rest is quite a workout.

Where do you paint? In the basement?
Please keep us updated with the process, no matter how slow
(btw: my kitchen is still not there, where I "see" it. )

Alana in Canada said...

Some days, Rita. It is just astonishing.

Thanks for the encouragement, Paula! Do you have a blog? I'd love to"see" your kitchen.

Sarah Wilson said...

Your toilet just blew my mind. lol!

thefarmersdaughter said...

what kind of wax is that?

Janina Laird said...

Ah yes. Some days are like that. We got our living room painted two weeks ago. Then bought and painted the original window valances (I believe they're original to when home was built in the 40s so I wanted to keep them) but we needed new curtain rods to insert under them.

Well, we got those rods a week and a half ago and the 2 rods and valances are still lying on the floor waiting to go up. I should add that I trip over them every time I pass through here. This weekend. This weekend. Life had better slow down enough that we can get it done!

Paula said...

Hi again! Yes, I have blog, you found it! :-)

This is one of my favourite housekeeping-postings:

this is also nice:
btw: I don't own the red thermos any more but I kept the tray!

warm regards,

Alana in Canada said...

@ Sarah-- LOL! I know.It is very unusual. It was made by Johnson Bros. (Yes, the same who make good china. I guess porcelain is porcelain.

@ Lorijo-- Minwax, paste finishing wax.

@Janina--I hope you were ble to get tose rods up!

@Paula--thanks. I'll check out those posts.

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