Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Review: Most Viewed

This is a small blog.

That means, I don't have a lot of page views. When I do have a lot, it means I've either 1) included a search term or a topic which people google and find here, or 2) I've participated in a challenge and linked to another site with a lot of traffic.

I'm pretty sure that's what happened with most of the posts I've rounded up below. I wanted to a do some sort of review of 2014: so I selected the posts with the highest number of page views in each month.

In January (5 posts, total) the theme is a popular one: my mood and the mess around me:

I got better at getting these done consistently, this year. I got good at delegating, too!

How I Improved my Mood.

In February (4), I talked all about how I'd procrastinated putting up a curtain rod. At more than 400 page views, it is one of my most viewed posts this year. I wish I knew why. (Is it the word procrastination?)

This room got a bit of a makeover this year.

How I Stopped Procrastinating

March (9) saw the start of the decorating posts. I did a lot this year, more than perhaps I should have (though our payments on our debt have continued and we owe less this year than last--just not as much less as we could have, had I not spent the money on decorating.)

It all started with this duvet cover.

I still love it.

Bedroom Makeover Step 3: The Duvet

Now, for something completely different. I started using my beloved Bullet Journal. I am still using it. In April (8), I wrote about my first month. This was the most popular post all year.

How I keep track of my hours for work is on the left and on the right is some information, now irrelevant and crossed off. A list of good gold spray paints is highlighted.

The Bullet Journal: My Try

May (7) saw the results of seven weeks of hard work on my Mom's Bedroom finally revealed.

Mom, in front of the headboard I made for her.

ORC7: Mom's Bedroom is Done!

In June (13), the numbers returned to normal levels, for me. This little post on purging a few clothes was the most popular.

The Summer Purge

I didn't post a lot on this blog this summer. I got caught up in a wave of enthusiasm for all things sartorial and neglected this blog dreadfully. July only had one post!

So, my legs look a little short! Who cares when my waist looks this good?

What I've Been Up To.

In August (2), I gave myself a shake.  I'd been working --a lot. My free time was spent at the computer--in front of a fan--chatting about all things clothing related on a forum I truly enjoyed. But, things were starting to slide just a bit too much, so I wrote this post to remind myself what was important to keeping our lives running smoothly.

What Matters

The theme of getting my life back on track and my house in order continued in this --the most viewed post of September (8).

va va voom, baby. The kitchen is clean, the cabinets are painted and it's on its way to being transformed. But wait, we have to do the living room, first.

Accountability Post: Maintaining Momentum

In October (13), I took on the One Room Challenge, this time focusing on my own house instead of my mother's. The most popular post in October talked about both weeks 2 and 3.

ORC Weeks 2&3: Catching Up.

November (18) saw the living room finale garner the second highest view count for the entire year. As it should be.

I still love it to pieces, though that rug needs a vacuum almost daily.

ORC Finale: It's Unbelievable

In December (9), I rode the wave of the living room's success and completed the Style Cure from Apartment Therapy. We made some changes to the kitchen.

Boo rah!

Style Cure 2014: Kitchen Reveal

And so there we have it. That was fun.

For me, this year will stand out for all the decorating I did. My bedroom, my Mom's bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen are all fabulous, beautiful places to be and I could not be happier with them.

I keep this blog mainly for me--but without readers, I probably wouldn't write it at all. So, I want to thank you--that solid core of readers who give me my modest page count on every single post I write. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for being faithful. I love having you with me.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You did a lot in 2014 and your posts inspire me.

Have a wonderful 2015 ~ FlowerLady

Alana in Canada said...

thank you Lorraine! I am grateful you visit and comment so faithfully. Thanks for your constant encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I discovered your blog, but it was recently and I really like it because I like decorating/design and purging/organizing. I continue to read your blog because you are funny and real and I like your style. You seem like somebody I would enjoy talking with. Happy New Year!

Deb W said...

I really appreciate your blog too. You are very down to earth and not afraid to show us the dirty dishes. Who lives in decorating magazines anyway!
I Like your style.
All the best in 2015

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks anonymous and Deb w--you make me smile!

Rita said...

You really accomplished a lot in one year. It's good to take a moment to step back and really see it. Wishing you another great year, and looking forward to sharing it with you. Glad you write here.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you, Rita. I'm lucky to have you as an "internet" friend.

Carol-Anne said...

I particularly liked your mini-makeover of your bedroom last year, although I know your other projects were bigger. The freshness just looks amazing!

Marian said...

I too, really appreciate your blog :)

Happy New Year, Alana!

i said...

God bless you! I really enjoy reading your blog and follow your achievements. You make me feel that it is possible. Thank you Alana. Happy New Year and Joy, Peace and Love is what I with you, and your family may 2015 Be a greta year.

i said...

God bless you! I really enjoy reading your blog and follow your achievements. You make me feel that it is possible. Thank you Alana. Happy New Year and Joy, Peace and Love is what I with you, and your family may 2015 Be a greta year.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Carol-Anne. I love my bedroom, still. All those warm colours. (You like warm colours, don't you?)

Thanks Marian! It's great to read your comments.

i--thank you so much! You never fail to lift my spirits whenever you comment.

Sarah Wilson said...

I love your kitchen!!

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