Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kitchen Cost Post

In the interest of forever keeping it real, I'm going to break down what it cost to make over the kitchen --as best I can.

Paint: $146.24

1 quart Benjamin Moore Advance in High Gloss, "Dragonfly" (AF 510) 25.00?

1 quart CIL Smart Alkyd, Custom Matched. $25.97

1 gallon Ralph Lauren Eggshell, "Elgin Grey" (RL 4343) $56.72

 (not yet painted): Benjamin Moore, Patriotic White, (2135-70) $38.55

Chairs: $54.93

Paint: 1 quart Ralph Lauren Semi-gloss custom matched to Benjamin Moore Old Navy (2063-10): $26.97
Cushions: JUSTINA (Ikea) $6.99 x4

Light Fixture:  $30.89

SECOND cord set (I bought white) Ikea: $8.99
Shade (Home Depot): $7.96
Small appliance bulb (Home Depot): (2 in the package) $3.98
Command Hooks (for cord): $9.96

Roman Shades: $64.66

Fabric, shower curtain from Target (Likely) $20.00
Shade cord (Home Depot): $4.74
brass rods (Home Depot): $11.99 x 2
Screw Eyes (Home Depot): $2.99
Mounting Wood 1x2x8 (Home Depot): $7.53
Shade Tape (Fabricland): $6.42
Shade Rings (Fabricland): $19.80
Cord Cleats (Home Depot) $1.97 x2

Microwave Shelf: $22.54

Shelf Brackets (12"): $5.99 x2
Melamine Shelf (16 x 24): $7.30
Plastic edging: $3.26

Accessories: $15.98

"Tea" Canister (Homesense): $5.99
"Milk" Jug Utensil Holder (Homesense): $9.99

Miscellaneous: $53.71

Spackle for walls (Home Depot): $2.64 x2
Painter's Tape (Home Depot): $5.47
Tape for Freshly painted surfaces (Yellow Frog Tape) (Home Depot): $9.97
Testers (Home Depot): $4.99 x3
Foam Paint Brushes (Home Depot): $5.77 x2
Paint Brush (Home Depot): $6.48

Total: $388.90
plus: Pizza we ordered in: $59.27

Grand Total: $448.17

And I'd said my budget for this makeover would be $100 for paint! Even accounting for having purchased the fabric for the blinds and the paint for cabinets and the table already--I really had no idea, did I?


Marian said...

It's amazing - and oftentimes worrisome - how all the little incidentals can add up. When we moved into our fixer-upper four years ago I had no idea - time-wise and money-wise - what it would take, and I'm sure if I added it up I would be absolutely horrified.

Thanks for keeping it real - we need more of this on the internet!!

(And I don't think I got a chance to comment on the finished kitchen - it looks amazing!)

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Marian. No, don't add up that fixer-upper!

Rita said...

We haven't done any projects to speak of since last spring. Also, since last spring, we haven't been running out of money at the end of each month. Coincidence? I think not. The small things really do add up.

Melanie said...

Really like the curtains you chose. Kitchen costs always seem to add up so quickly though. Had the same problem when I renovated my kitchen. What helped me was really planning my budget and doing research beforehand. This guide with free kitchen cost estimator was very helpful:

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