Thursday, May 1, 2014

ORC 5: Cross Your Fingers

My husband helping me with the headboard as we lose the evening light.

Do I have time to update you?

Do you have the time to read it?

It is time for hopes and prayers--as in--she hasn't a hope or a prayer of getting done on time.

If you are one of those doing the One Room Challenge, created by Linda of Calling It Home, whether as a bona fide invitee (who post their progress on Wednesdays) or a party crasher like me, (who post on Thursdays) chances are, you don't. So, I really should make this short and sweet. But no promises. Blog posts tend to run away on me, just like whole room decorating projects, it seems. (In fact, I have never decorated a room quite this way before. The process itself has been quite eye opening--and deserves a blog post of its very own.)


The first week we tore down Mom's closet in the bedroom--I talked about it in Week Two. We figured she'd be sleeping on the floor for maybe a week, tops. Poor woman. It's been the full four weeks since we started. (Week One in the series is the beginning of the series, not the end of the first full week. That's Week Two. Just think of the numbers of the weeks as indicating the beginning of the next week--except everything is supposed to be finished by Week Six which means there's really only five weeks, altogether, of this insanity. Did you get all that? Never mind. Week One is here. Week Two. Week Three. Week Four.

Where were we? My mind is racing in six million directions.

1) Man, it's hard to work on a room that is 20 minutes away by car and you don't have one. (My husband and I share our only vehicle.)

2) How am I going to get it all done when there's only 166 hours between now and the moment I need to hit "publish" for the reveal post and I will be working, at my place of employment, for 36? I'm supposed to have a part-time job, people.

3) I actually have to photograph the room on Tuesday. So, fewer hours. (Can't calculate. Brain tired.)

4) Should I talk about how much time my Mom and I have wasted this week trying to find a frame for the two mirrors she already has? We looked at tile and discussed how precise it would have to be. Also costly. Also time consuming. For five whole seconds I thought about making Jenny Komenda's sea urchin/sunburst mirror. We finally, finally settled on a store bought solution: these frames from Micheal's and spray paint.

Only to discover, of course, that the mirrors were a smidge too big.

So, I went back to my original notion which was to recreate a barnboard look with stain and pine fence boards.

Hubs has both a router and a miter saw. Note to self: be nice to hubs.

5) Oh right, Mom on the floor. Hopefully she'll be able to move back in tonight. The room and the ceiling is painted. The baseboards are in, caulked and painted. The window hadn't yet been done when I was there on Tuesday but it should be done now.

6) The samples I ordered from came today. Nice. I ordered them four weeks ago. Good thing we didn't wait for them.

6a) We don't seem to have Looking Glass spray paint (by Kryon) here in Canada. Nor Rub'n'Buff. Strange.

7) The punch list: (everything finished is in a different colour. What we accomplished this past week is in blue.

The Bones of the Room:

--Remove closet (done, week 2)
--patch and spackle holes (done)
--Patch, tape and mud drywall. (done) Sand.
--Align junction boxes in ceiling to be equidistant from back and side walls (done)
--Move switches (done)

--Design, buy, prime and install baseboard moulding (We went with some gorgeous stuff from Home Depot rather than the cheaper route of cobbling together our own.)

--Paint and caulk, and paint again.

--Wash walls, ceiling, and trim

--Paint walls, ceiling, and trim

Isn't it purty? Why yes, there is colour on the ceiling. A very soft pink. (That yellow line is delicate surfaces painter's tape. Great stuff.) And yes, the carpet will be cleaned. And my camera lens. Sorry 'bout that.)

Pendant Lights
--buy (done)

cut to the chase: install pendants

also: install new wall plugs, toggle switch and all corresponding cover plates. 
Hard Furnishings.

Headboard --DIY
--buy plywood, cut it (done)
--cut frame pieces for outline
--cut legs
--attach frame pieces and legs
--buy foam, (done) cut it, attach it. (done)
--buy batting (done)
--buy top fabric (done)
--assemble foam, batting, and either muslin or front fabric and staple to the headboard
--find, borrow or buy electric stapler and staples (done)
--find, buy (done) and apply nailhead trim
--cover legs
--attach legs to bedframe

cut to the chase: Upholster headboard, attach legs, attach to bed frame.

--buy Ikea Rasts (done)
--prime pieces to be painted (drawers mostly) (done)
--paint drawers and pieces (done)
--find or buy stain for sides. 
--stain sides 
--spray paint handles
--drill holes for the handles
--attach handles

cut to the chase: assemble it, put the handles on it.

(behind nightstands)
--Inventory what Mom already has, find two that will work (done)
--research and decide what we're doing to frame them (done)
--construct frames
--attach them to the wall.

cut to the chase: beg husband.


--or buy something and remake it. (in progress)

My husband is going to re-make the support for the top and legs and cut a new top out of the plywood left over from cutting out the headboard. I may or may not upholster it with foam leftover from the headboard project.

Soft Furnishings (Mom's department)

--buy fabric (done)

--Duvet cover
--Queen sized pillow cases
--Decorative Pillows
     one 18x18)
     one "neck" pillow
--Bed throw DIY or buy Ofelia from Ikea (done)

Mom came up with a great idea to use Chinchilla fabric to recreate the spirit of the Morrocan Wedding Blanket in our inspiration photo.

She has done more than this, but it too late to call her up and ask.

Other projects:

Find or buy curtain rod and rings.
Install curtain rod.

--find and purchase the shaggiest rug we can find. At least 5x7. 


Actually, you know what? When I started this post, I wasn't sure I could pull this off by next week. I am still not sure, but I think we just might make it.

With hope and a prayer.



So much going on are scaring me with the punch list:)

Kathleen said...

You can definitely pull it off! Love the headboard so far. It's going to look great when it's done. Good luck in the final week - you should definitely take a few days to yourself when you are done :)

Anonymous said...

Love the headboard and that fresh coat of paint!!! You can do it!! All the best this coming week!!!
Kendra @

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

Its looking pretty good--the walls are pretty and the headboard is looking fab! Crossing my fingers you get it done.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

As the old saying goes, 'where there's a will, there's a way'. I think you can/will get this done in time, well, God willing and the creak doesn't rise.

I am really looking forward to your reveal, as the three of you have done a fantastic job and are a great team.


Alana in Canada said...

Thanks everyone. I'll pass your comments on to the "team."

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