Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Goals

I have been utterly consumed with making over my Mom's bedroom.

Whatever goals I had for April completely succumbed to the One Room Challenge.

I haven't done a thing towards getting the April goals accomplished since the last progress report except pick up the rejects from the consignment store and drop some of them off for donation.

Last month was absolutely crazy. Between that and work (and work is only going to get more demanding as the busy summer season gets going) I have felt as though my life is spinning out of control.

Dishes are piled as high as skyscrapers and creating urban sprawl.

All of my rooms are like jammed up freeways. Clutter like cars idling everywhere. Can't move. At all.

(I would include some of the pictures I took, but it's too depressing to call them up onto the screen, edit and post. Also--time consuming. You know what a messy house looks like, I'm sure!)

It is more than past time to get back to basics.

What are they?

1) Grocery plan once a week.
2) Record expenses once a week.

These two things are essential to my sanity and to achieving our goal of becoming debt free as soon as possible. Both took a back seat this month. I have almost no food in the house--and we're flling into the trap of stopping at the grocery store each day and buying ingredients for supper. Time consuming. Wasteful.

A messy house is somewhat OK, just annoying and unpleasant. Messy finances are just not OK, ever. Of course, having let most of April go by without recording anything, I'll need to spend a specific amount of time to catch up before I can keep up.

3) Household Chores:

make my bed
pick up bedroom
laundry (wash one, dry one, fold one, put one away)
swish and swipe both bathrooms
pick up and put away items on the min floor
wash dishes.

stock bathrooms with toilet paper
clean toilets
clean out purse and wallet
wash kitchen floor
wash bathroom floors
clean microwave

Looking at the list like this, it seems so easy!

The daily routine can't take more than half an hour--and though the weekly chores are all over the place in terms of how long they would take (stocking the bathroom isn't anywhere as time consuming as vacuuming, for instance) it all seems eminently doable.

So why don't I do it?


No use going down that road if I am just going to blame myself.

4) Health:

I have noticed a significant drop in my stamina since I stopped working out. Nine hour shifts are killing me. So:

Workout 3 to 4x a week.
Get lots and lots of sleep.

And that's IT.

Of course, I've developed this horrible habit these past few months of making sensible monthly goals and plans--and then being totally distracted just a few days later by some project. Cross your fingers nothing like that will come along and lure me away from this boring but sensible (and oh so necessary) path.

As well, I am still working on My Mom's bedroom--the reveal is May 8th, so I'll be pulling out all the stops until then: so these plans are really only for the last three weeks of the month!

As always, I'll let you know how it goes.

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onshore said...

I don't blame you for not completing housework. The project at your mom's is exhausting at the moment. But think how much energy you will have once you've finished that and have the excitement from completing something big.

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