Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Goals

Even though I wound up focusing on decluttering and Spring Cleaning, I really didn't take any time to really think about what I wanted to do--or what I should do. And while that worked for last month, I want to take a more deliberate approach to my time this month. 

Minimalist March: Follow Up.

According to the rules of the game, you are supposed to have removed the items by midnight of the day you decluttered. Obviously, this would have been extraordinarily inconvenient and somewhat wasteful of gas and time. But the point is a good one--and one I confronted during this challenge more times than I could count. I discovered many items that I have decided to let go of--but hadn't yet removed--from efforts I've made in the past. Now, from this particular, effort, I have more piles than ever. The majority are things I want to sell. So, selling them will be my first and major priority. To wit:

1. List the items I can sell myself.
2. Schlep items to various stores to either sell outright or on consignment.
3. Schlep remaining donations to various places.

Overhaul the Laundry Room.

I love the idea of an "overhaul." To me, it indicates a thorough assessment of the room and all of its contents to ensure all is working as it should.

1. Clean from top to bottom (including the machines themselves).
2. Assess every item in the room and deal with it. A lot of things slated for --you guessed it-- selling are sitting here waiting for me to get around selling them. By the end of this month, I swear.
3. Do any repair and/or decorative touches waiting for attention.
4. Finish up any projects and/or deal with items lingering related to projects.

Health and Fitness

1. Keep a Food Diary.

This is more complicated than it looks from that simple one line entry above. I am reading The Diet Fix, by Dr. Yoni Freedhof. Apparently, the food diary is one of the most effective tools around for managing one's weight.  Recording what I eat accurately will involve measuring it. Every single time. The best way to approach that--especially when I am working--is to pre-measure--that is, pack up pre-measured portions of snacks and meals. That will be time consuming.

Of course, then, in the evening, I need to sit down and look up the caloric value of what I ate. Grumph. I have never in my life counted calories--just because I hate the idea of doing all this work. The focus here, though, is not to allocate a daily maximum and subtract, no, the idea is to make sure I get both a minimum number of calories at each meal (and snack) as well as a minimum number of grams of protein. It won't be onerous all month, of course--just in the beginning while I get things sorted out. There'll never be a good time to do this, so I might as well just do it now.

There will be other things I'll do this month. One thing on my To Do list (now stored in a Bullet Journal which I'm excited to tell you about) is picking colours for a whole house paint scheme. I was so energised by repainting my bedroom that I'm now anxious to do the whole house! That will take a while, though.

Have you thought about what you'd like to do this month?

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onshore said...

I too took the last pieces from the february minsgame to the donation place on wednesday. And I have one wrist watch which I'm planning to sell, but I have not even listed it.
Overhaul of the laundry room is a wise thing to do (I should do the entry)

Your whole house colour scheme sound exciting.

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