Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Tale of Two Lamps

Well, technically, it's a tale of three lamps, but that doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? And we're not really concerned with technicalities when we're decorating, are we? No. We're interested in nuance, in hidden meanings; relationships.

I found these little lamps at Target.

I loved them. I thought they went really well with all the riotous colour going on at the bed opposite.

The little green gourd called out to the duvet cover and said, "Hey, how are ya. How are things around here?" And then they fell to chatting about where they were from and their travels abroad.

But, the little green gourd would not shut up. It was beginning to get rather obnoxious. Then the duvet cover started whispering to me at night. She felt she just might be upstaged, poor thing, even though I assured her it was impossible and I was just seeking balance. I'd look at the little green gourd and could not figure out how to carry on. How should I cover the loveseat?

Trying out something dark really sent the duvet cover into a tizzy. Too much competition! The navy had nothing whatever to do with the bed. The two wanted some sort of relationship.

And how would I finish off the curtains?

Little green gourd, I thought, you really are rather short. And bossy.

Out shopping with Mom for her bedroom makeover, I came across this watery wonder.

It did not shout across the room to the duvet cover. In fact, it waited patiently for a proper shade (and accessories).

It calmly suggested a direction for the sofa. It quietly nudged the curtains the way they should go. And even what to do about the mirror frame became clear, too.

The watery wonder will be like a good friend to the others: respecting them but improving them ever so slightly. It is here to stay. (Even though in a perfect world, the shade would be more white than ivory.)

One of the little green gourd lamps went back to the store. The other found a new home on my new sleek desk where no one will feel put out.

The End.


onshore said...

Lamps aside, what is that piece of artwork that looks like crayons are melting? It's fabulous!
I like the watery lamp a lot too.

Alana in Canada said...

It is crayons! My daughter hot glued some crayons to the top of a canvas board and then used a hair dryer to melt them. It is awesome.

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