Monday, April 21, 2014

April Goals: Progress Report.

As you can imagine, I am a bit behind my Goals for April. I have been so focused on decorating my Mom's bedroom for the One Room Challenge that I have let things slide.

I have done a little bit, though.

Minimalist March: Follow Up.

1. List the items I can sell myself.

I have managed to list precisely one of three things. No interest at all. The other two items I have listed in the past as well without anyone having noticed.

2. Schlep items to various stores either to sell outright or on consignment.

I got a jump on the month and got rid of two items quickly.

I took a bunch of things to a consignment shop just last week. I have to go and pick up the things they won't accept to sell this week--and then pick up my cheque and what hasn't sold in five or six weeks. I am thinking that I am unlikely to bring the things home in any event. The books are still here, though.

3. Schlep remaining donations to various places.

 I have taken a large load to Value Village and the scrapbook supplies to the store that donates them to the kids' hospital. I've had those supplies set aside, in the basement, for probably a year. So glad that is done.

Overhaul the Laundry Room

The table beside the washing machine was full of items to be taken to the consignment shop. So, packing them up and taking them in has gone a long way to clearing out this space. [] I haven't done much else, though.

It is kind of tough to clean a room I am constantly using!

Keep a Food Diary.

Nope. Haven't even thought about it. I did re-start reading the book which recommended it after a two week hiatus.


I am still working on a whole house palette. I bought and read through Maria Killiam's e-book, "It's All in the Undertones" this weekend and realised, as always, that I overcomplicate things.

The living room and dining room are currently that french vanilla colour in the middle, (papaya in the States) though I have started painting ithe livin room the same colour as the bedroom (glass of milk.) I have been having second thoughts as it is so very light.

Another, rather more exciting discovery was that green grays will work best with the green and blue colour scheme I want to shift towards. As usual, the woodwork upstairs is causing me fits.

This is a great scheme, but nothing here works with the upstairs hallway.

Though maybe the grassy green (lower right) might. I need to check it out tomorrow, once the sun comes up.


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

If you're looking for a greenish gray, we used Behr's Clay Beige in our living room area. It's a really nice neutral. We've recently been saying (reluctantly) that it's got a bit more of a green cast than we'd like. It's very subtle, and I think we're only now noticing it because we've added some warmer elements to the room. Not going to be repainting any time soon, however!

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Rita. I don't know how, but I have had my edgecomb gray (apparently a green gray) turn sort of pink in this house.

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