Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Purge and Shuffle: A Start

You may recall that I am focusing my efforts on my basement this month. I have about three weeks to make room on the shelves for some stuff from under the stairs. (Though we could just pile it all in the centre of the room, though if we did that, it would be there until Christmas, at least). The plan is to insulate the wall under the stairs during the last week in March while the kids and husband are home on holidays. (Most folks go on a skiing vacation, or fly off in search of sand and surf. Not us. We like our basement!) 

I spent a solid morning going through file boxes and the top drawer of the filing cabinet. They were full of old tax returns and supporting paperwork. It occurred to me, only after I was done, that I really didn't need to do all that, just yet. These shelves aren't coming down until July!

But I was going after low hanging fruit--and I found lots of it!

When I started, this bag was empty.

And this shelf was full.

Go me!


onshore said...

That's superb! and that was done only in two days. Hope your motivation stays high. Althought ti might get harder after the low hanging fruit, but I know you'll be able to overcome that.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks for your confidence!

thefarmersdaughter said...

go you is right! Good job!!!

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