Monday, March 18, 2013

Purge and Shuffle, Progress Report: Week 2

I am working in my basement this month to get it ready for renovations. As well, my husband wants to move things so he can have more space in his workshop. That means a lot of purging--and a lot of shuffling.

The first post outlining the scope of the project is here.
The first update is here.
The progress report for Week 1 is here.

This week we managed to remove shelves in two of the three areas we're clearing out in the basement.

The first:  enlarging the "new" game room:

The second: my husband's workshop.

Before: (I didn't even have room to get in front of the shelves to take a decent picture)


Ta Da!

But that doesn't mean we have purged the equivalent amount of stuff. Far from it. We've just dumped it into the middle of the basement.

We did get rid of a bunch of stuff (but not nearly enough) and re-located some of it.

Here's my donation station: quite overflowing.

Here's it is all loaded up into the back of the jeep: not as impressive a picture as I would want! I packed most of it into luggage we decided to give away. It's lying down in the back. I drove it away Sunday afternoon (which is why this post is late.)

The Girl Guide box is not full of cookies but of books!

We relocated some of our collapsible lawn chairs--right up into the rafters! My husband just screwed in a couple of pieces of wood to hold them.

We're running into a problem with the books, though.

My husband took these boxes to a second hand shop and they bought four. Count 'em. Four. The situation is dire.

Sorry about this. The white balance was off. This is two boxes of old ice skates and the rest of the pile is books. (I think!)

I don't feel as if I did a lot this week, really. I took at least three full days off: one to clean for company that cancelled, one for a bottle drive for my daughter's Girl Guide group, and one to work on my Photo Freedom course.

I will have to buckle down quite a bit this week. Next week, (next week!) my husband goes under the stairs to begin insulating.

Egads! Where are we going to put it all?

Linking to the great 31 day challenge at Organizing Junkie.


Nessa said...

That's a huge project you've taken on. You've gotten so much done! I know you'll make it through the rest.

April said...

You are really making great progress for that much space! I can't wait to see what you do this week!

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you, both! Your encouragement is welcomed!

onshore said...

I think the car trunk looks impressive! Wow. You might remember the books we got from our old neighbor, we still have most of them. So we have similar situation to yours, lots of books that nobody wants, I've been thinking we should just take those to the dump.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog via Pancakes and French Fries today. :) Books, I had the same problem when I de-cluttered last year. There are two ways I found to get rid of them. A)Donate to your public libary for a tax write off. B) they will trade hardback, paperback and audiobooks. I found that typically after about 2 months everything you can trade has traded and it's time to donate the rest to a library, local coffee shop or womens shelter.

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks for the great suggestions, folks. I will call the library today, but I don't have much hope. (Donations are not tax write offs in Canada).

Beth Stilborn said...

Wow, you've done a lot. And as one who has donated MANY books over the years, there's no return for it as far as tax receipts go. Our Symphony has a used book sale, as do other organizations. I've discovered that when I donate books to our library, they go on their sale table, not onto the shelves, for the most part anyway.

I haven't been around much, and I apologize. I'm very busy with my writing, and with my writing blog at

I also haven't posted anything on Where There Are Meadowlarks since June, because I changed my sign in info, and now can't remember it to get into my blog! Sigh.

Just wanted to let you know why I haven't been around.


hsmominmo said...

Good for you! All the hard work will pay off - keep it up! I'm working in our basement as well, and have a long way to go yet. I'll be thinking of you and how much you've accomplished as I get myself into 'purge mode' again.

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