Monday, January 7, 2013

Cleaning and Organizing the Upper Kitchen Cabinet

January is kitchen organization month. It seems I'm not the only one who thinks a great way to kick off the New Year is to tear the kitchen apart. I noticed it was a cover article in Real Simple this month and there are a few blogs devoting time to it as well.

Last week, I decluttered my kitchen table, open shelving and counters. That's here.

This week, I'm focusing on cleaning out the cabinets. It's a much bigger job than I'd anticipated but the results are amazing. I finished with the uppers on Sunday.

We installed the cabinet over the stove just about two years ago. I was inspired by this incredible video.

Nonetheless, I was under-utilizing it.

I still wanted to continue keeping my serving bowls, plate and microwave cover on the bottom shelf, and our water bottles and travel mugs handy, but everything else? It could go.

Here we are. A few newthings moved in from another cabinet.

I'd have liked to have moved the brown sugar and skim milk powder over to the cupboard with the baking ingredients, but I really don't have the space. The space between the shelves just isn't tall enough as you can see.

A few changes here, not much, mostly tidying.

This cupboard, though, took a fair bit of work.

Here's the before:


Believe it or not, I actually made a video dealing with the bottom two shelves. I have the video on the bottom shelf ready for you to watch, if you have about 6 minutes! Oh, and when I talk about taking something to the basement--I mean my pantry! That's where it is. And of course, I put away my yellow mustard, not my yellow vinegar!


Hope you enjoyed that.

Here's what the entire cupboard looked like when I finished:

In the next couple of days I should have the video of the next shelf ready. In it, I do explain what all those stickers are doing on the door!

PS: I found a recipe for those Artichoke Hearts right here.

Until next time.


Mandy Jean said...

Looks great!! My cabinets need this also!

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

Craftivity Designs said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! You are doing some hard work, great way to kick off the new year -- with an Organized Kitchen!

thefarmersdaughter said...

good work! I'm heading into my cabinets next week, this week I am doing my fridge and filing. arg.

did you find that making the video helped?

Alana in Canada said...

Hey Lorijo--

The video helped me with blogging more than decluttering.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Wow! What a big job. Great work -- I'm sure you're really enjoying having done all that. It looks great. :)

onshore said...

Just watched the video, it was really lovely to hear your voice and see You. Way cooler than photos.
I really enjoyed hearing the thought process you went through when you desided where to keep something or weather to get rid of something.

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