Thursday, September 13, 2012

William Morris and the Linens

The nights are chill now. Time for hot tea at night. Time to snuggle under soft sheets and warm blankets.

But, of course, I can't just change the sheets. Not me. No, I have to vaccuum the box springs and mattresses and then flip them. I have to wash down the headboards, footboards and siderails.

And then I have to rearrange and purge the linen closet.

Which isn't really a closet of course, but a shelf unit here in the basement,

and a couple of shelves here in the upstairs hall closet,

a shelf in the downstairs hall closet,

and the ottoman in the living room,

(and a two drawers in the chest in the hallway which I completely forgot about until this moment.)

After two days of climbing up and down two separate staircases, washing and drying and folding and deciding and sorting, this is what we have downstairs in the laundry room,

The summer sheets for the twin beds are here now, one bottom and one top sheet put together in a large ziploc bag. I'm rather pleased with myself for having thought of that.

upstairs in the closet,

downstairs on the shelf,

and left in the ottoman.

I have a nice pile to donate to the local animal shelter for bedding and rags.

Any fall frenzy happening where you are?

Linkng to the wonderful William Morris party happening every Thursday at Pancakes and French Fries.


May said...

Back in the day there were so many tasks that tied the people to the passing of the seasons. I am trying to reintroduce some in my life. I think it makes you appreciate the passage of time better.

onshore said...

I did have a good start in a fall frenzy, but then got a cold :(

You have got a lot done. I will just have the tea for now.

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

No fall frenzy just yet. We like to hang onto summer as long as we can here (western Oregon, Pacific NW). But it's coming. Today it's sunny, but the wind is blowing and I feel a difference in the air this week.

I am envious of your closets. I really want to organize mine. Smiled seeing your linens in so many places; they seem to be the thing I have the hardest time figuring out what to do with, and ours are scattered as well.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

WTG you for being so thorough! I', lucky to remember to wash the sheets. I have to write myself a reminder half the time. Ugh...

We don't really switch out our sheets much, but we do have a second layer for our duvet blankets that we can add when the cold weather comes. I love IKEA for coming up with those!

I really need to get rid of some of our baby blankets...seems like we were given about 20 of them when our daughter was born and there is just no way we need all of them now. Even though we got rid of many of them already, along with tons of extra bedding, we just have no place to put all of this now in our apartment.

Anne At Large said...

Do you put anything in with the sheets in the ziplocs? For freshness or moths or whatnot? Just curious, the ziploc system seems like a good way to keep things organized but do they get musty or anything? Or are they ok since they are freshly washed?

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