Thursday, October 4, 2012

October Menus: The Whole 30

I'm not one to jump on bandwagons or follow crazy fads--but this month I've decided to join a group of Women in the Move More Eat Well class by Cathy Zielske at Big Picture Classes and do the Whole30 program.

I'd hit my *alarm* weight of 255 lbs about ten days ago. I felt stiff and bloated. I couldn't move without a charlie horse or sudden cramp in my leg. My knees hurt and apparently, my upper back was swollen and red. I had been doing my Lelsie Sansone Videos earlier in September, but I had to stop because I literally could not move once I was done. I also couldn't move after I'd washed the floors or vaccuumed.

I have planned my meals for the month, as usual, but this time they meet the guidelines of the whole30 program. It's pretty simple: a hunk of protein cooked in an approved fat (ghee, coconut oil or EVOO) and two vegetables. (Fruit is allowed; I have it with nuts for a snack).

I wanted to post them here for the ladies at MMEW. Some want some ideas about what to cook! Items in parentheses are for other members of the family.

Here they are:

Day 1: Broiled Lemon pepper fish, spinach, carrots, (rice) Not Shown
Day 2: Hauswarming Beef and apple, (boiled potatoes)
Day 3: Roast ham, roasted squash, steamed asparagus, (scalloped potatoes)
Day 4: Leftover Ham frittatta. This is from the book, "It All Starts with Food." (IASF) 9 eggs, cooked meat, 1-2 cups of veggies per person. I'll use onions, mushrooms, broccoli, red pepper, and asparagus.
Day 5: Chicken breasts, (with Honey-Mustard Mayo sauce), butternut squash, spinach salad, (potatoes)
Day 6: Ginger-lime salmon, snowpeas and mushrooms, (rice) LC
Day 7: Cabbage roll soup (buns) LC
Day 8: Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, (Red Barn corn salad), Sweet potato and carrot mash, green beans, spinach salad, pickle and olive plate, pumpkin pie, cookies. I haven't decided whether I'll indulge or not.
Day 9: Dill Salmon chowder, green salad (LC)
Day 10: Turkey leftovers, I'll have spinach and carrots.
Day 11: Slow cooker beef stew (biscuits)
Day 12: Pork w/Apple Cider sauce, roasted rutabage (and potato), broccoli LC
Day 13: Herbed roasted Salmon, yams, broccoli or cabbage salad, (rice) LC
Day 14: Hauswarming beef and apple (potatoes)
Day 15: Shrimp Stir-fry
Day 16: Roasted Lemon-herb Chicken, roasted veggies
Day 17: Leftover Chicken frittatta
Day 18: Basic crock veggie soup, leftover turkey for me, (cheese quesadillas) LC
Day 19: Pork chops Diane, butternut squash, spinach salad, (potatoes) LC
Day 20: No Fuss salmon cakes, (from IASF) carrots, green beans (rice)
Day 21: Hamburgers, roasted sweet potatoes (and oven fries), coleslaw
Day 22: Lemon-pepper fish, broccoli, roasted rutabaga, (rice)
Day 23: Winter Sausage Soup, (biscuits) LC
Day 24: Chicken w/Apple Cider sauce, broccoli, butternut squash LC
Day 25: Classic Chicken Soup (from IASF)
Day 26: Pork Chops and squash, green salad, (potatoes) LC
Day 27: Poached Salmon, green beans, carrots (rice)
Day 28: Asian Beef and Broccoli (IASF)
Day 29: Garlic-dill whitefish, spinach, carrots, (rice)
Day 30: Faux Po w/Shrimp (IASF)
Day 31: Roast Ham, sweet potato, braised red cabbage.

Many of these recipes are from Leanne Ely's book, Saving Dinner the Low-Carb Way. (Indicated with LC) Apparently, she now has a few Paleo e-books.

I will be planning my breakfasts and lunches on the Saturday/Sunday morning before the week starts so I can get my groceries for the week.


onshore said...

I hope once you lose some weight the exercising will become easier and easier. Well done on the menu again.
Happy Thanksgiving!

The Farmers Daughter said...

I wish I could make a 30 day menu. It has never worked for me though.... it never fails that I don't want to make OR eat whatever is on that date.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

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