Saturday, September 1, 2012

Photo a Day

I tried this before and it didn't stick: I'm hoping it'll work out better this time!

The prompts are from FatMumSlim, an Australian Blogger.

I decided to do a "serious" self-portrait for today's prompt. I don't have many nice pictures of me (there's a reason for that!) so I thought I'd make the effort and create one.

Still. I just do not like the way I look these days. I'm overdue for a trim and I have no idea how to apply make-up! My fat doesn't help--nor does my weird sort of knobby-under-the-skin forehead.




Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

Your lovely smile is wonderful to see!

Alana in Canada said...

Bah Humbug!

No, really, thank you Carole Anne!

onshore said...

Don't be so harsh on yourself, you look lovely and easy going.
Applying make-up requires practice, maybe try putting on make up different ways even if you aren't going anywhere or don't need make-up. It can be washed away so easily, so test it on yourself as much as possible. That is how I learned to apply make-up.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you Leena for the suggestion to practice! Ineed proper supplies, too. My foundation makes me look like a zombie and I've no blusher at all. Wired thing happen to my eyes with eyeliner, too. I'm thinking you tube might help.

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