Saturday, April 14, 2012

The West Wall in the Kitchen: Changes.

My spring cleaning schedule has me in the bathrooms this week: and there's been a whole lot happening in the one downstairs, too.

But all that's not quite ready for a public showing just yet. Instead, I present to you two projects from the kitchen.

Almost exactly one year ago, the west wall in my kitchen looked like this:

I commented then that the area to the left of the window looked a little bare, so sometime last year I bought a frame and put up an embroidered duck I'd found at Value Village.

I liked it--and other than changing out the pillowcase for a curtain panel which would match the one I made last fall, I figured this wall was complete.

That is, until one moment last week, when, for the second or third time, I called my son into the kitchen to put away the dishes in the dishrack--and had to stop making dinner (or whatever it was I was doing) to give him room to do it.

Once I got rid of my shelves over by the stove, I was downright hostile to the idea of open shelving. I thought it looked cluttered. And truthfully, mine certainly did.

The shelves over the stove, circa 2006.

But there were two reasons to put some shelves over by the sink:

1) I wanted the dishes closer to the table and out of the corner where everything takes place.

There are my dishes, second shelf from the bottom. Below, you can barely see it in this photo, but that is the only work surface I have in this poorly laid out kitchen.

Not only is it tough to put dishes away, but more often than not, it is also awkward to set the table when everyone is crowding about getting a drink or, in my husband's case, making toast. Yep, he makes it every night.

2) A cabinet would have blocked too much light and encroached on the seating area. As well, whatever door I would have put on it would have conflicted with the cabinets.

And so, here they are. Trendy, yes, but practical, too.

And I finally, finally made the matching curtain panel for this window.

I love all the graphic black and white going on!


onshore said...

Nice! The curtains looks excellent, I like them with that floor.

I'm with you on the open shelving. I tend to forget to dust them. But now that you store items there that are needed daily, I don't think dust is a problem. Good use of space.

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I had the same shelves for the same purpose in my last house! I wish I could do the same thing in this house, but I have a tile backsplash that I can't put holes in.

the curtains are cute! I like the trim on the bottom.

scb said...

That should work well, and as Leena said, dust shouldn't be a problem since they're in everyday use.

What have you put in the empty space in the cupboard over the toaster?

Alana in Canada said...

Bread! It clutters up the counter something fierce--so I just shut it away.

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