Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning the Bedroom: Progress Report

Day 1: The window.

Down came the drapes and the shade. I held a blow dryer to the adhesive holding the plastic to the window and blasted it off. Then I took out the screen and vacuumed it and shined up the to window panes. It was glorious.

Hello Spring!

While I had the vaccuum out, I took everything out from under the bed, moved the nightstand, and then gave the floor and baseboards a good going over.

Then, I did it again on the other side.

Day 2: The bed.

nasty nekkid box spring! (and yeah, you are looking at two pairs of socks (at least) hiding in there!)

Nice, eh?

I bought a queen sized fitted sheet last week from Zeller's. (They are closing out most of their stores to make way for Target!)

This is what a queen sized box spring looks like when you can't get a regular one up your stairwell. It really is in two pieces.

I don't really want a bed skirt. I can't have one anyway: not without somehow tusselling with the rails and slats.

I fussed with corners, of course.

I vacuumed the mattress--but too late!

I should have vacuumed the side that was facing up before I took it off the bed because once I got it off the bed, it was facing the wall. Then, of course, I flipped the mattress. When I put it back on the boxspring, the side that had been on top was now underneath, inacessible.

I try to flip the matress four times a year. I think spring and fall will be side to side--and winter and summer I'll flip it top to bottom. That just makes intuitive sense to me.

Then, I decided to tackle the bookcase. I wasn't going to at first, but I saw a few books I could do without--and when I removed them, I saw this:

Nothing for it, then.

After just going through two shelves I had this in my "let go" pile:

And these in the keep piles:

One on the shelf and one in the basket.

Wash mattress pad, bed skirt and comforter
Wash curtains
Flip mattress
Vacuum mattress (Well, 1/2 of it!)
Vacuum sofa
Wash windows, window frames, and door frames
Vacuum and wash floor
Wash baseboards: I vacuumed 1/2 of them.
Wash light fixture and clean fan blades
Make any necessary repairs (eg, the light in the closet needs fixing.)

Clothes (and Personal Items):
Swap out seasonal clothes
Clean winter shoes and boots.
Take repairs to cobbler
Clean jewellery

Shelves: Book and magazines: in progress
Clothes closet

As soon as I can get to the clothes, I will!

Why my paint testing splotches look vaguely like Texas I cannot tell you.


onshore said...

The bedroom is always the dustyest, at least in our home.
I like that matress cover, I think it works nicely with the bed frame.
Way to go with the books!

I dont' understand what was that plastic in your window? What was it for?

Alana in Canada said...

I put plastic on the windows to provide another layer of insulation in the winter. It comes in a kit from the hardware store with double sided tape. You can use a hair dryer to make it rinkle free. I only put it on our upstairs windows.

Court said...

Oh my goodness. I'm feeling lazy for blog hopping today and considering that my spring cleaning. Maybe I'll move my dishes into the sink instead of leaving them on the counter to feel better.

scb said...

I'm impressed (as always) at all you have achieved! I like that idea of the queen sheet as mattress cover. Works perfectly.

I'm working slowly at my place, although I haven't posted anything in an age. Someday!

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I always feel like I sleep better when I've just cleaned the room! Hope you do too!

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