Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning Week 4: The Home Office. The Plan

The Home Office (and Dining room, for me) is this week.

I spend a phenomenal amount of time in this room browsing and working on the computer. It has occured to me since our tower died, we don't need this bulky set up.

With a laptop and wifi, I could work over at the dining room table and open up the curtains. (Right now the glare of the indows off this lap top screen makes that impossible.)

I could put our small white dresser here and a comfy chair and create a little reading spot. I'd like that.

However, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon, unfortunately.

So, here's the plan:

Take the two computer towers I have and figure out if I can use parts from one for the other.

List for sale the working parts I can't use.

Cull books.

Organize drawers in the desk.

Get the room ready for Easter Dinner.

As for the specific Cleaning tasks, here they are:

Dust and wash walls
Dust and wash shelves
Clean baseboards
Wash floor with Wood Cleaner and Refurbisher
Wash/Touch up desk drawers
Vacuum screens
wash windows
Wipe down telephone

Paper work (toss last years bills, etc)

Redundant files of the computer (not too many of those!)
China cabinet

Busy week ahead, especially as I've some projects from the living room yet to finish.


Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

You go, girl!

onshore said...

I use my laptop in the living room although we have the office too.
Laptop does not really need a desk.

I too have lot of tasks unfinished in the living room. Last week was a bit on the lazy side.

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