Monday, February 13, 2012


I am so pleased.

We have sold the punching bag.

It was here:

Now it is gone!

It was really in my way when I was clearing out the old Ikea pine units.
Now that it is gone, I can see my way to re-organizing the space.

I also sold a few scrapbooking punches: that was actually fun. A woman and her daughter came to pick up a few Sunday afternoon. I gave the money to my Mom as they had been her punches!

I went through the drawers in the pine dresser: most of them were empty! (It just wasn't accessible behind the punching bag, I guess.) There were a few toys, but not many.

Then, I started filling the drawers up with scrapbook supplies I've decided to keep.

I emptied out these two plastic drawer units. I was all gung ho to sell the one with the big drawers --the one on the left-- (they sell in the stores for around $40) but then I noticed that the bottom is cracked and broken.

I sorted things into piles:
1) trash, (or recycle)
2) keep, and
3) sell or donate. This third category is the toughest. Will people pay for gently used vintage baby themed wrapping paper? I think it wrapped my baby gifts!

(There's something weird about those big disembodied heads, don't you think?)
If you know of anyone who could use it and/or love it, please let me know!

So, it feels like what's left is the tough stuff.

1) List and sell the "Home Gym."

2) Go through the boxes of kids' artwork. I'm not even sure I want to fill up even one binder for each of them. But I know that the minute I see it, I will want to keep all of it.

Yes, two carboard boxes, two plastic boxes and a suitcase. There's more upstairs, too.
3)Deal with piles of memorabilia and papers and stuff I've been collecting as I go.

4) Decide whether to sell my XXL Crop-in-Style.

**15 minutes a day for the rest of the week is the plan.**


Colleen said...

so much impressive work being done!

also, that pine dresser is just crying out to be a DIY project to give it some oomph. I'm jealous...

onshore said...

The dresser is excellent for that purpose!

Good luck with the kids drawings, my mom has had a soft spot for those forever, she can't throw any away. How about if you ask your kids? If they don't remember drawing the picture and you cannot either then it can't be important?

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