Monday, February 20, 2012

New Bath Cabinet

I have been relunctant to show you our new bright and white tiled tub and shower surround because, well, the whole bathroom isn't "done."

Now that we've implemented new austerity measures around here, it will take some time before it's all done, too.

Since I saw this picture in January, I've wanted to replace those shelves with a bath cabinet.

I'll just let you experience the full impact of these shelves before I go on.

Bath cabinets, or "over johns" as they are called here are horribly expensive for what you get: melamine clad particle board, mostly. Awful stuff--$60 on sale was about the cheapest I could find--but it wasn't white and too big for the width of my space.

So, I resolved to live with the shelves and paint them white when we had money for paint.

But, in an effort to generate a few dollars to throw at our debt, I have been listing things to sell. And it occured to me one night that I could look for things to buy, too, like an over john.

So, yesterday I drove to the extreme north end of our city and purchased a small "cape cod" style overjohn.

For those following our journey on Dave Ramsey's financial plan, know that I purchased it with my "blow" money--for $25.00.

Last night, my husband and my son hung it and I scrounged different knobs.

I think it looks very odd hung up there, though. Should it be lower? Sort of where the old shelves were? It is physically possible.

Let me know what you think.
(Hubby will not want to move it though, so if it sort of looks OK, let me know that, too!)

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Colleen said...

my vote is definitely not lower! I think it looks strange to you because it is wider than the old shelves (and it seems the medicine cabinet next to it) and because the tiles of the backsplash extend past the line of both the medicine cabinet and the new cabinet. Is replacing or removing those tiles in your bathroom plan?

Terry said...

Not lower! I'm not sure what to do. The "over john" visually grabbs all the attention from the mirror. My eye expects the mirror to be the center of attention. It probably looks different in person. How would it look without the doors?

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I think it looks great, as is! As the others have said, I think it's just because you've been used to the other shelves.

I do think you should have something on the wall there, between the top of the toilet and the shelf, though. Either something tall on top of the toilet (vase, candle, etc.), or some kind of art hanging there....

onshore said...

Ummm... I'm afraid I'm not a fan. I know our styles are very different so maybe it's only that, but to me it looks like the cabinet should be standing on something. It looks a bit odd hung up when it has those legs. How about if you saw off the leg part and painted the edge?

I would have gotten something bigger and would have replaced the over john shelves and the mirror cabinet with one unit. But I understand that can be a pricy thing to do.

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