Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Goals.

First and foremost, I'll be planning and preparing Christmas for the family. I want to keep it really low-scale this year: but I want to make sure our time together is planned and deliberate. For example, I have to put "skating" or "sledding" on the calendar--or it won't happen! This way, I can also plan to have hot chocolate and maybe a cookie or two on hand when we get back! Stuff like that.

As for house projects, I'm torn between not wanting to take on too much--and to take on everything that's been nagging at me and just get 'er done!

To keep this easy to follow, I'm going to break this down by room.

First up: The Horrid Bath.

You could call this Bathroom month there's so much to do in there! But let's not.

1. Repair the wall.

2. Tile tub and shower area.
Thanks for all your input on that! I've decided to forgo the black tile: but now I'm wondering if I should use white bullnose to finish things off around the edges. I'll have to see if that'll be easy to get or not.

3. Faucet. (above)
It leaks. We need to fix it.

4. Enlarge exterior hole for larger exhaust fan vent egress. (This would be a project for Daedalus (my husband, not his real name) but he doesn't have a clue about what's involved (neither do I!) --so we're not sure how exactly to proceed with this one.)

5. Paint wooden ceiling planks white.
Not only do we have a dropped ceiling in the shower area--but we have one over the sink and toilet, too. It is currently outfitted in short pine planks. (It's hiding the exhaust fan and ventilation tubes.)

Yes, the bathroom really is that small.

Living Room:

1. Finish re-sizing slipcover.

2. Hang curtains from clips and rings and hem.

3. Spray paint lamp, find new harp and lampshade.


1. Finish stenciling.

2. Sew cafe curtain #2.

3. Hang some black and white plates.

4. Reframe duck needlepoint.
Finally, I know what I want to do with it! I just hope I can find the frame I want.


Get wrapping station ready.
Yes, there is a table in there somewhere.

Exterior: Put up storm windows.
Interior: Put up plastic for extra insulation on interior windows on second floor.

Oh, there's more I could list, but I won't. That's plenty!


Nicole said...

How long are you taking to finish your projects? I'm hyperventilating just thinking about all of it! :)

Alana in Canada said...

The month. Some will likely carry over into December--and a few have been on the list for two months (or more) already! But these are goals.

onshore said...

I got the error again! What's wrong with my comments.
Well I'll write again, again.
You do have lost things planned. I do hope you can slow down a bit when we approach December, so you really have time for the fun things like the ice skating and the sledding.

scb said...

Wow. I, too, am tired just reading it all. But goals are good. I really need to follow your example more.

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