Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Motto

In Get Organized for the Holidays, at Simplify 101, Aby recommends we come up with our "Holiday Inspiration" statement --you know, something to capture your vision--or the feel-- you want for the holidays.

My inspiration statement goes something like this:
This holiday season we will be cheerful, kind and gracious to one another as we create and celebrate the joy in every day.

Yeah, OK, a bit of a wordy mouthful.

But the expression "Be of Good Cheer" resonates perfectly. I'm calling it our motto for Christmas this year.

Aby encourages us to find a way to "artistically express" our inspiration statement. Being the unimaginative sort that I am, I had thought I would do a simple fabric banner.

When I couldn't find the fabric I wanted (teal and red seem to be hard to come by this year). I decided I'd do it in scrapbook paper.

Before I could let the idea of all that hand cutting of the letters get me down, I saw this fabulous sign at La Famille.

for purchase at her etsy shop.

I want to give Alicia full credit for this: there's no way I could have thought this up on my own.

Here's my version:

I had fun making it.


Alicia said...

aww. so sweet! love how yours turned out...it's such a great motto for the season! thanks so much for the credit :)

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you, Alicia. You are very gracious.

onshore said...

Oh that's lovely. I like both yours and Alicias version.

Making the statement was always something I disliked on the simplify 101 workshops :) I'm just not that good with words.

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