Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Menus done.

I discovered I really enjoyed using my Monthly Menu Plan last month all done up nicely on the computer. It was easy to read and navigate, so a lot of it actually got cooked! Only 7 out of 24 dinners did not get made and 6 of them involved using the oven. Given the atypical warm temperatures we've had these past few weeks, using the oven was completely out of the question!

I just finished preparing my menus and my shopping list for September. I incorporated two "old" recipes recently re-discovered in the newly revamped and re-organized Recipe Binder. Now, I am just waiting for the hubby to get home from work so I can do the Big Shop.

We got our attic insulated today to R-40. We need a turbine to help circulate the air up there, so they have to come back to install it. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to a snug and cozy winter (and hopefully, cooler summers! It's almost too hot to sleep up there right now.)

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