Saturday, September 5, 2009

Inspired for Dinner

I think it was min/min who first mentioned Mark Bittman. I was led to his blog, and then within 24 hours, heard him interviewed on CBC. Then I requested his book Food Matters from the library, and last night, I read it.

I had two peaches on my counter which I had purchased and placed in a paper bag to ripen. They did. Too much so. I wound up throwing out the one I'd bitten into: but hung on to the rest. Tonight, Bitten inspired me to base a dinner around my mealy peaches. (Well, that and I wanted something simple, meatless and easy on my daughter's upset stomach.)


With this brilliant method for cooking them.

I made whole wheat pancakes from my Jane Brody cookbook and fried up a few slices of bacon. (At 45 calories, all fat, from one slice, I "allow" it on the diet: but I cut all the "slices" in half and call it two: as if I am two and don't know the law of conservation of matter.)

And so the peaches were a wonderful topping for the pancakes.

Sorry, I didn't get a proper picture.
I was too hungry.


lauralynne said...

Yay! Congrats on finding something clever to do with that peach.

scb said...

Yum! Peaches on pancakes sounds wonderful -- and if the bacon trick works, I say ignore the laws of physics (or whatever it is that says one and one still sometimes equals one... *grin*)

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