Monday, June 13, 2016

Translating Inspiration: A Quiz

You remember Lesson 1?

The one where we learned all about how to turn our inspiration into a room where we can feel all the feels?

I collected a gazillion images for that post, so I thought it might be fun to do a little quiz.

So, the steps to creating a room from an inspiration piece, quickly, were:

1) Identify how you want to feel in your room.
2) Find an inspiration piece which evokes those feelings for you.
3) List the characteristics of your inspiration piece. (Its colours, shapes, patterns, textures, and materials)
4) Duplicate those characteristics when putting together your room with rugs, lighting, furniture, etc...

But, we're not going to do all that today. Today we're just going to play a matching game. We are just going to go with our gut.

Like this:

1. The feels: regal, traditional, classic, elegant, but not overly serious.

This inspiration image;

best expresses which room:


If you said "all of the above" you're right! If you said none of the above, you're also right! It all depends on you and what you respond to.

How about this one:

2. The feels: Free, alive, inspired, well-rested.

(Those words make me think "vacation" so I went hunting for a favourite vacation spot.)

best expresses which room:


3. How about full, lush, happy, and alive?

Which one captures it best--for you?


Ok, so maybe I got  little carries away with all the colour and lushness of that last inspiration image!

What do you think? Would you ever use this method for decorating?

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