Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Don't Let Your Decluttering be like that Sliding Puzzle

I spent six hours yesterday moving crap from one place to another.

You can't even call that decluttering, really.

The municipal electrical company needs access to my Mom's meter. Apparently, they are changing them out. When they arrived last week, this is what they found.

This is actually good. There used to be another shelving unit on the other side of the meter, too. Mom plans to have the porch re-built this summer, so we need to empty out this space regardless.

They told Mom she had a week or so to move the shelving unit so they could have access. We planned to do it Monday.

Mom was admitted to hospital on the weekend with pneumonia. As planned, I went over Monday. Without her there to declutter and get rid of stuff, it took me six hours to move this shelf unit which is loaded up with mostly paper--files, notebooks, note pads, stationary, envelopes, and compter paper. Heavy.

Why did it take me so long?

Because I had to find room for it in here. The garage.

It looks like there is space here, but there really isn't. I could have moved the hose (though I don't know where) but there's mold all along the bottom of the drywall all around the garage. So, I wanted to stay away from the walls, for sure, since we will have to cut all that out, eventually.)


It took me probably a good half an hour just to figure out where to start (and I started with breaking down the empty boxes, as I usually do.) I finally settled on clearing out the entry way since I could hardly make it in there, anyway.

Fortunately, I found a shelf unit on the porch which I was able to assemble in the garage so I could get things up off the floor.

Several hours later, here it is to the right of the door:

The other, from the porch, faces it on the left.

There used to be a room inside the garage. The closet bifold doors are leaning against one of its old walls.

Without Mom to decide what to get rid of, I had to keep--and move--everything. Well, except for the dead bird I found in the corner and other bits of trash and garbage. Not a fun job--especially in 30 degree heat. (That may not seem warm to some of you, but remember we wear t-shirts when its 6 degrees and break out the shorts when it's ten!)

And so, the porch:

Those are a couple of dollhouses in a large wheeled laundry hamper. All will be donated.

And now, for a nice before and after, of the garage:

There's still a lot of work ahead. Just looking at these pictures makes me itchy to get over there!

This is my second kick at this particular can: you can check out here we started this Spring, here.

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You did a great job! You make me want to do more decluttering around here.


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